About Us






With a combined 10 decades of technical and business expertise CHOMAR UNITRADE SERVICES CO. LTD. is more than a laboratory instruments and supplies, environmental equipment, medical plastic supplies and industrial tools and calibration equipment supplier. 


Established in February 8, 2007 – We, a group of individuals coming from the field of chemical engineering and business administration with various experiences in routine production, quality control, inventory, chemical analyses, pollution monitoring, water treatment and design, business management, sales and market development, to name a few, has come together to establish a company dedicated to provide our clients in different fields with quality products and superb service at reasonable prices. 


In 2009, we entered the field of Metrology and started working with Fluke FCAL division through their Singapore representative office and since then, have been serving the Science and Technology market in the country providing quality and reliable products for Metrology calibration applications. FCAL Products includes Calibrations tools for Electrical, RF, Temperature, Pressure, Flow and even provides a complete software solution for the earlier mentioned field. It was in 2013 that Fluke temperature and pressure calibration systems has been used as a Metrology standard all over the Philippines.


In the same year, 2013 –Thermal Imaging camera, Vibration Meters and Power Quality Analyzers for predictive maintenance of electrical, control and even building systems; Comark Temperature Measuring Devices with Biocote for Food Industries, Rotronics Weather Sensors and Amprobe Tools has been added to our product portfolio. 


Diversification has not stopped here. The company continued to work with various manufacturers that can aid the company in pushing systems and instruments that will be in the same direction as the country’s developmental focus in the field of Agriculture, Science and Technology and Environmental Management.   Products such as soil & water testers and ambient air & source emission samplers/analyzers for particulate and pollutant gases has been added to cater to both the agriculture and environmental sectors.


As we continue catering the Science and Technology sector in the country, we have added more product lines such as Interscience, France who has been providing high-quality equipment for microbiology, especially designed for quick and safe analyses in quality control and is currently offering a large range of products, from solid sample preparation to its final bacterial enumeration, for the food and agro-food, medical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries; Fluke Industrial Group Electronic Test Tools and software; SCP Science Microwave Digestion Systems and Automated Digestion and Distillation Systems and other Sample Preparation Set-Ups and it is our commitment to continue adding more product lines to cater to today’s growing research market.


As a small yet growing, flexible and dedicated company with a tremendous amount of experience, we take pride of being nimble enough to provide quick response time (usually within 24 hours) to all our clienteles – be it for inquiries or technical services - a characteristic we are committed to provide consistently for years to come.  For us, every requirement is important.  Customers are dealt with utmost priority.



To establish ourselves as a reputable company catering to the supply of consumables from raw materials to treatment plants, membrane filters and bioprocess set-up, hospital and medical supplies, environmental monitoring devices, transfer of hazardous chemicals from drums, quality control and research equipment and customized designs for manufacturing process pumps whose main goal is to excel in this field we are venturing and offer job opportunities to our fellow Filipinos.


To be recognized as a complete one stop shop providing customized solution for a wide range of industry as well as a be a reliable and consistent distributor of test, measurement and calibration tools in the Philippines.


To provide our clients with quality products, consistent & prompt response and reliable after sales services.


To be known in the international field as a trusted importer for various products for further retailing or wholesaling and diversify in the field of manufacturing in the future.


To be a preferred employer who always put the welfare of its people with utmost priority and thereby providing each of our staff with more than decent livelihood comparable with big companies as well as expertise and continuous training to empower them with technological advantages and create a leader in them.