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Best Fluke Laser Distance Meter for 2022


Many everyday tasks require precise measurements. Furthermore, the right laser measuring tool can alter your work style as well as the accuracy of your measurements. True, many technicians struggle to achieve precise and accurate measurements when working on a project, whether it's a room, wall, display, or another measuring job. Unless measurements are taken thoroughly, there is a chance that quality or accuracy will be compromised. To avoid such issues, it is critical that you select the appropriate laser measuring tool. We understand that selecting the best laser from hundreds of options is difficult. However, Fluke makes things easier for us. Fluke is best known for its test and measurement products. So it's not surprising that the company is working on the best laser distance meter. We have compiled the Fluke’s laser distance meter that you can choose for. So, without further ado, let's get started!




Fluke 424D Laser Distance Meter

The Fluke 424D is a small and handy tool that is ideal for both indoor and limited outdoor use. You don't have to walk all over the job site to take measurements with the Fluke 424D. It has a long range of about 330 feet (100 meters) and a greater accuracy of 0.04 inch (1 mm). It stores 20 measurements for easy recall and has a full Pythagoras function for quick height measurements. It has a corner angle feature, you can determine the angle of a corner. It also has an inbuilt compass and an 180o inclination sensor for height tracking and leveling. To increase its durability, it has a large 4-line display, simple button operation, and improved environmental protection. This means you can take it anywhere and take measurements in any weather.

The Fluke 424D laser distance meter has an auto shut-off feature and can take an average of 5000 measurements before needing to be recharged, making it a must-have for any professional contractor.


Fluke 424D Laser Distance Meter_Chromar Unitrade

Fluke 424D Laser Distance Meter



Fluke 417D Laser Distance Meter

Obviously, one of the main selling points of the Fluke 417D is its small size (4.68′′ x 1.49′′ x 1.09′′), but it still has a two-line illuminated LCD screen for easier viewing of your measurements. But all of that wouldn’t mean a hill of beans if it was difficult to use. Fortunately, the new Fluke laser distance meter is essentially just a screen and three buttons. Essentially, all you have to remember is to point and shoot. It has a bright laser to track your target and can provide continuous measurements, as do most LDMs. The middle button walks you through simple calculations to determine the area of a space. This Fluke laser distance meter is also built to withstand the rigors of a typical jobsite. It is protected against water and dust intrusion by an IP54 rating. It also has some impact protection to withstand falls of up to one meter. The Fluke 417D laser distance meter is small, precise, and durable enough to withstand a beating. Basically, it's everything you'd expect from a job-related LDM.


Fluke 417D Laser Distance Meter_4

Fluke 417D Laser Distance Meter


Fluke 404E, 406E, 405, 408 and 410


The new Fluke Laser Distance Meters are fast and accurate, requiring only a point and click to measure up to 100 meters. It is long-lasting and simple to use. The Fluke's core value is present in these Laser Distance Meters you anticipate.  The button's simple design and ease of use allow you to operate with one hand, minimizing the time spent measuring maximizes the measurement's reliability.


Features and benefits

  • Quickly measure distance, calculate area / volume / Pythagoras
  • Auto level and height
  • Built to withstand rainy or dusty conditions : 1-meter drop tested with rated IP54 (FLUKE 404E / 406E), IP64 (FLUKE 405 / 408 / 410),
  • Electronic angle display, auxiliary level measurement
  • Up to 100 sets of data storage
  • The battery life up to 5000 single measurements
  • Automatically power off after 3 minutes of inactivity


FLUKE 405 / 408 / 410 provide additional features as:

  • Universal tripod interface, easy to use
  • Type-C charging port, strong endurance
  • 2-inch HD display, clear viewing in full sunlight




You should now be able to decide which laser measure to purchase. The laser range, accuracy, measurement modes, and durability are all factors to consider when selecting the best laser measures. With many manufacturers constantly releasing new models that can meet your needs, don't be easily confused by the many features, but instead focus on the most important ones first. Purchase the best laser measuring tool today and enjoy accurate measurements at all times.



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