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Building maintenance technicians with hundreds of these lights to manage know the struggle. Fluorescent lights are great for energy efficiency, but troubleshooting them can be a time-consuming nightmare.

The Fluke 1000FLT Fluorescent Light Tester is here to be your hero. This all-in-one tool eliminates the guesswork and wasted trips up and down the ladder. It replaces multiple testers, saving space in your toolbox and making your job a whole lot faster.


Fluke 1000FLT


Here’s what the Fluke 1000FLT can do:

Test Bulbs Without Removal

Forget the hassle of removing bulbs and climbing ladders. The 1000FLT uses a safe energy pulse to tell you if a bulb is bad, all while it remains in the fixture.


Fast Ballast Checks

Quickly determine if the ballast, which supplies power to the bulb, is functioning correctly. No more replacing bulbs when the real problem lies elsewhere.


Non-Contact Voltage Detection

Safety first! The 1000FLT lets you know if voltage is present without needing to touch the source, minimizing electrical hazards.


Filament Continuity Test

This feature checks if the tiny filaments inside the bulb are still intact. If they’re broken, the bulb won’t light up.


Ballast Type Identification (Here’s the Cool Part!)

This unique feature sets the 1000FLT apart. It can identify the type of ballast (magnetic or electronic) without you needing to disassemble the fixture or climb a ladder. This is especially helpful for finding older, energy-guzzling magnetic ballasts that might need replacement.



The 1000FLT is designed with ease of use in mind. Its clear lights and audible alerts provide instant results, and its tough construction can withstand a 6-foot drop. Most importantly, it’s fast! By performing all five tests in under 30 seconds, the 1000FLT can save you hours of troubleshooting time each week. Imagine the extra lights you can fix (and the money you can save on energy bills) with this efficient tool by your side. Enquire about this tool HERE.