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Ensuring Vaccine Quality through Proper Temperature Calibration

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought struggles and major adjustments in our daily lives. It was a global problem that is still being solved by every nation right now. One definitive solution is a vaccine. May it be from Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, or AstraZeneca, these vaccines are ought to give us additional protection from the virus and its consequences.

The next thing about the formulation of the vaccine is the distribution. But, in order for the vaccines to reach the people safely and effectively, it must be put under great care, storage, and delivery.

Vaccines are sensitive biological substances that are susceptible to heat and freezing. It must be kept at the correct temperature from the time they are manufactured until the time of administration.

Therefore, a strict compliance to a cold chain system is widely adopted to safeguard the vaccine’s potency. It consists of a series of transportation, storage links and administration at site during which adequate refrigeration (some as low as -70 °C) is required.

1.) Easy Ultra-Cold Temperature Measurement on-site

From the vaccine’s rollout perspective, the cold chain involves the transportation of this temperature-sensitive medical material along a supply chain through the logistic planning. It should also come with a well-controlled or defined thermal and refrigerated packaging methods to ensure and protect the potency of these vaccines. Therefore, it is very important for one to ensure that the cooling system or storage of cold chain products in the chosen means of transportation is functioning properly. Whether the vaccines will be transported through cargo ships, airplane, refrigerated trucks, and the last-mile carriers, it is crucial that the storage assets are at its optimal temperature level. Good thing we have the Fluke 1551A and 1552A “Stik” Thermometers, with temperature probe and digital readout combined into one unit. These are the new “gold standard” of on-site temperature measurement. Whether working outdoors in ultra-cold environments or on the floor of a bio-pharmaceutical processing plant; the battery operated and portable reference thermometer is designed to go where you work.

fluke 1551a chromar uni-trade

2.) Routine Check of Temperature Measuring System

The 1551A and 1552A “Stik” Thermometers are hard at work on-site, 24/7, to ensure the cold chain management compliances are met. It’s a good practice to have these temperature measuring instruments checked regularly as part of potential operational risks mitigation. This will ensure that your on-site thermometers remain in good working condition throughout the operation. Come and check-out Fluke’s premier Portable Calibration Bath.

3.) Temperature Mapping or Routine Check of Ultra Cold Storage Facilities

One of the key parts of cold chain management is the cold storage. It will keep the temperature sensitive vaccine over a period of time before any delivery or administration. Fluke Calibration’s temperature data acquisition system 1586A Super-DAQ scanner and 5606 full immersion probe are ideal for applications such as thermal mapping or temperature validation of storage facilities with stringent ultra-cold controlled requirements.

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Source: Application Note on Fluke Calibration’s Ultra-Cold Temperature Measuring and Calibration Systems for Cold Chain Logistics or Warehousing Compliances