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Exploring the Features of 8588A Reference Multimeter

Fluke Calibration’s finest bench multimeters, Fluke 8588A Reference Multimeter and 8558A 8.5-Digit Multimeter, are not the just improved versions of their predecessor, the 8508A Reference Multimeter. In fact, they are even faster and more accurate than the 8508A.

The 8588A Reference Multimeter is dubbed as the world’s most stable digitizing multimeter. Designed for calibration laboratories, this long-scale high-precision reference features superior accuracy and long-term stability over a wide measurement range, with an intuitive user interface and a color display.

Here are some of its amazing features that you should know:

  • Digitizing, with emulation


The 8588A and 8558A both have two analog-to-digital-signal converters, and the digitizing SAR (Successive Approximation Register) on both models are giving 5-mega-samples/sec readings at 18 bits resolution and 20 MHz.


  • Characterizing non-repetitive waveforms


Many users of long-scale DMMs are familiar with digitizing. The 8588A and 8558A can both digitize. However, one of the differentiators is that this can characterize non-repetitive waveforms. Rather than build a waveform with successive scans and showing the user an average, the 8588A and 8558A have the speed to take multiple readings across a single waveform. This can be very helpful if you are taking readings of an organic signal, such as for biomedical applications. 

Meanwhile, in the power and energy sector, if you’re looking for anomalies and you need to see them in real time, capturing non-repetitive waveforms is a great feature.


  1. Visual Connection Management™ light-up terminals

The 8588A and 8558A light up the terminals they use for the current procedure, so you’ll know exactly where to insert your cables. For example, if you want to perform a two-wire ohm measurement, the two terminals that you should connect to will automatically light up. If you’re using the guard function, that terminal will light up as well.

It’s a good reminder for people who are in a hurry or not familiar with the product. They might be using it in an automated form, or maybe the diagram they’re working from isn’t clear. The lights are going to show them the correct way to connect it.

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