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Fluke 1770 Series; 3-Phases power quality analyzers


Are you looking for a power quality analyzer that can accompany you wherever you go and do what you need it to do when you arrive? The Fluke 1770 Series makes it easier to complete tasks with a wide range of accessories and built-in features. Fluke 1770 Series Three-Phase Power Quality Analyzers eliminate the complexities of power quality logging, troubleshooting, and analysis. The 1770 Series was designed to be the fastest and easiest way to perform power quality studies, with automatic measurements, a simple user interface and setup, best-in-class specifications, and a streamlined reporting platform.

The slim ergonomic design and integrated hand strap make it easy to hold and the included hanging kit makes it easy to secure your analyzer inside a cabinet. The integrated internal power supply allows the unit to be powered directly from the measured circuit, and a 90-minute battery ensures that you can access and review data even when not connected to a live system.


Key features

  • Automatically measure power and power quality parameters
  • At-a-glance power quality health for faster troubleshooting
  • Easily view V/A/Hz, power, dips, swells, and harmonics data
  • Capture high-speed transients up to 8 kV
  • Power directly from measurement circuit without a line cord


Automatic measurement capture

Consistent data is essential when performing a quick system check or a detailed power quality study. The Fluke 1770 Series features a one-of-a-kind automatic measurement capture system that helps ensure you collect the right data every time while still allowing you to select and adjust specific parameters as needed. By default, more than 500 power quality parameters are captured, and the guided setup makes it simple to select the appropriate parameters for the system you’re working on. Logged data is instantly viewable, downloadable, and shareable with Fluke Energy Analyze Plus software, so you never have to wait for a session to end before reviewing or analyzing data.


Ultimate measurement confidence

The Fluke 1770 Series are 2-in-1 handheld devices that combine the troubleshooting functionality of a power quality meter with the robust analysis and logging capabilities of a standalone power quality analyzer.

The ‘PQ Meter’ function provides instant access to live onscreen data in the field, allowing you to quickly identify potential issues while troubleshooting. The detailed ‘PQ Logging and Analysis’ function simplifies power quality studies by guiding you through the setup process, ensuring you capture the correct data every time. These measurement modes have a unique measurement connection autocorrect function, so you never have to worry about going back for a second measurement—even if you were unsure what to look for when you started.


Capture, troubleshoot, and mitigate voltage transients

Transients have a negative impact on otherwise healthy systems, and their potential to damage your equipment should not be underestimated. Whether your system is experiencing impulsive or oscillatory transients, the consequences can be disastrous, causing everything from insulation failures to total equipment failures. The Fluke 1775 and Fluke 1777 incorporate advanced transient capture technology to help you clearly identify high-speed voltage transients so you can stop them in their tracks. The Fluke 1775 Power Quality Analyzer has a sampling rate of 1MHz and can capture fast transients, whereas the Fluke 1777 Power Quality Analyzer has a sampling rate of 20MHz and can capture the fastest transients in great detail.


Compliant to international standards

In a future IEC 61000-4-30 Class A edition 3 compliant package, the Fluke 1770 Series provides the best-in-class accuracy you’ve come to expect from a Fluke Power Quality Analyzer. Furthermore, the 1770 Series has been designed to meet the future Class A edition requirements for conformance to EN 50160 and IEEE 519, so you’ll be ready to tackle tomorrow’s measurement requirements today.

You’ll never miss a critical power quality event with the 1770 Series, which measures fast transients up to 8 kV, harmonics up to 30 kHz, dips and swells, as well as voltage, current, and power measurements to help you characterize your electrical system.