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Fluke 179 Multimeter – Best Multimeter on Fluke’s 170 series


Multimeters evolved over the years as the world keeps on changing and technology is evolving faster than ever. There is a wide range of multimeters on the market today with varying features. Some multimeters are cheap, while others are very costly. It all depends on your needs and budget.

Some multimeters just perform basic functions which most of the technicians needs to carry separate instruments to test and troubleshoot various functions. But with the Fluke 179 Digital multimeter you don’t need to use different tools to perform various electrical test because you can find them on this device. Fluke 179 multimeter is the top model of the 170 series of fluke multimeter and one of the best general purpose meters available today. It is a tough job to look for a multimeter but with Fluke they can offer multiple devices based on your needs and budget such as Fluke 179 Multimeter; the best multimeter on Fluke’s 170 series.




Durable Build

The rugged and sturdily built of Fluke 179 multimeter performs exceptionally well and can last for many years. It has a robust plastic casing and sturdy lead tests made from silicone and has a heavy-duty hook clips. An integrated rubber holster and probe holders provides further protection. The kick stand is built into the holster and quite sturdy on a bench.



Easy and safe to use device

This digital multimeter has the ability to test and troubleshoot various functions but not just like the other multimeters this device can also test volts, ohms, resistance, and even temperature. This is because it comes with a built in thermometer that enables you to conduct temperature reading. It can be intimidating for the beginners to use this device because of its wide range of features and functions, but it is easy to use simply connect the leads, all buttons and ports are clearly indicated for easy use and the manual comes with different languages that will. The LCD screen comes with easily displays result and can be read in darkness and it shows clearly the range you’re in as well as useful icons such as low battery and over voltage. The Fluke 179 is light weight and has a compact design not just like other multimeters which is heavy or large that is difficult to handle when being use. It also comes with durable carrying case to keep the device safely after use.


Fluke 179 meets all the current safety standards and its safety rating is CATII 1000 V and CAT IV 600 V. This means that it can safely withstand 8kV transients, such as surges from large motors and lightning strive. It is protected with high rupture-type fuses and has a probe lead alert system when you plug in to wrong input.



Fast and Accurate Readings

The Fluke 179 multimeters provides you quick and accurate results. Once you connected the test leads it will just take few seconds and you will be able to see the results. Fluke multimeters known on their accurate results even this device that can perform several task in one single device it will still give you accurate results.


One of the advantages of purchasing this multimeter other than its performance, features and accuracy is that the Fluke offers a lifetime limited warranty on defects in material and workmanship. Yes, its limited so you don’t want missed this offer. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and purchase your Fluke 179 Multimeter from Fluke’s Authorized Distributor Chromar Uni-Trade.


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