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Fluke 323 Clamp Meter Features and Function

You’re looking for the greatest clamp meter for your HVAC services, and if you’ve done your research properly, you’ve probably come across the Fluke 323 meter. Aside from HVAC troubleshooting and maintenance, the Fluke 323 Clamp meter is the finest option for homeowners who are familiar with electrical installations and want to retain the maintenance work in their hands. These meters can last for years, or even decades, if you are careful with testing and equipment. Even after years of use, the measuring precision would deteriorate. This clamp meter is simple to set up and use. The main purpose of this device is to safely measure a live conductor in a circuit. By using this equipment, one can measure the high-value current without turning off the circuit while testing.

Fluke 323

The Fluke 323 is well-built and can withstand the tough conditions that electricians operate in. A robust case and a long-lasting slim line jaw mechanism are included in the body. It has a compact design that allows the professional to work in small areas. If your previous clamp meters were either badly constructed or too bulky, it’s time to upgrade to the Fluke 323, a compact and well-crafted gadget. This device is sleek and ergonomically constructed, making it simple to operate and comfortable to hold. Accuracy is always there, especially when it comes to Fluke’s gadgets, and is followed by safety measures. Here are some key features and easy-to-follow instructions for using the Fluke 323 Clamp meter.


Key Features

  • Rugged, reliable basic True-RMS clamp meter for measuring current up to 400 A
  • Measures AC voltage and DC voltage to 600 V
  • Provides True RMS AC voltage and current for accurate measurements on non-linear signals
  • Measures resistance to 4 kilo ohms with continuity detection
  • Features a CAT III 600 V, CAT IV 300 V safety rating
  • Hold function captures a reading on the display
  • Presents measurements on a large, easy-to-read display
  • Features slim, ergonomic design for measuring in tight cable compartments
  • Includes: 323 clamp Meter, (1 pair) test leads, soft case, and quick reference guide


Steps to Follow While Using a Fluke Clamp Meter 323

  • Turn on the meter and, if the probes are still attached, remove them.
  • Using the dial, select the quantity that you want to measure. A jaw sign should appear on the display, indicating that the measurement is being detected through the clamp.
  • Using the side lever, open the jaw-like device and insert the conductor through which the quantity will be measured. Technicians can accomplish this with their secondary hand while taking measurements with their primary hand.
  • Then close the jaw-like structure and level the conductor between the inscribed alignment markings on the jaws.
  • The exact reading will be displayed on the display. The resolution can be changed by the user, however most meter models do it automatically.


Fluke clamp meters are definitely a top-notch option for achieving excellent results. Their clamp meters are a perfect tool for measuring current and voltage with excellent results. Fluke clamp meters are what you’re looking for if you want a multi-purpose instrument that can help you work faster and take more accurate readings. Most users and professionals consider the Fluke 323 as the best Fluke clamp meters.