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Fluke 393 FC Clamp Meter – a CAT III 1500 V rated clamp meter


Fluke is seeing an increase in demand for high-precision handheld devices capable of measuring photovoltaic (PV) systems. This rapid expansion is increasing the demand for technicians who understand how to troubleshoot PV systems efficiently and effectively. Clamp meters are frequently used during installation and commissioning, as well as during maintenance and troubleshooting.

Fluke Corporation introduces the Fluke 393 FC CAT III 1500 V True-rms Clamp Meter with iFlex, the world’s only 1500 V CAT III, IP54 rated, thin jaw clamp meter. This clamp meter is designed for Solar Technicians/Electricians, O&M Managers, 3rd party solar focused companies, Maintenance Technicians, and Electricians and it provides unparalleled safety with its CAT III 1500 V / CAT IV 600 V rating and the sturdiness required for use in outdoor, dusty environments. The thin jaw allows it to be used in combiner boxes, inverters, and tight spaces making it ideal for solar energy applications.


The clamp jaw measures up to 1500 V dc, 1000 V ac, and 999.9 A dc or ac. The included iFlex flexible current probe extends ac current measurements up to 2500 amps. When measuring alternating current, the iFlex probe can be twisted through extremely small spaces, allowing technicians access to cables that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to clamp a probe around.


The Fluke 393 FC has the following features:

  • Voltage measurement up to 1500 V DC is safe and accurate in solar, wind, and battery applications.
  • The world’s first CAT III 1500 V/CAT IV 600 V clamp meter provides unparalleled safety. It includes 1500 V CAT III insulated test leads.
  • IP 54: Durable clamp with ingress protection for use in outdoor environments.
  • THINNER JAW: 25% thinner than Fluke 37X clamp meters. It makes taking measurements in confined and congested areas easier and faster. This new, improved design is more durable, rugged, and dependable, and it satisfies the CAT III creepage and clearance requirements.
  • DC POWER: The ability to measure DC power allows technicians to have a tool that can do it all: V, A, and Power.
  • AUDIO POLARITY: Ensure that PV panels are properly installed and that the audio beep to indicate polarity is activated.
  • DUAL LINE DISPLAY for concurrent measurements


You may be wondering why a product like the Fluke 393 FC makes a difference. These larger “solar farms” use higher voltage lines. Because the solar panel installation isn’t categorized into any particular category due to its floating voltage, you can use these CAT III 1000V clamp meters to measure 1500V DC between the terminals without any issues. When the power conditioner is connected and grounded. The solar panel installation is then classified as CATIII or CATIV. At that point, you must take care to use the correct products (such as the Fluke 393 FC) when measuring during the installation process.


The Fluke 393 FC is the latest addition to the Fluke portfolio of solar energy test tools. Fluke tools are tested to withstand drops that can occur during field work and operate reliably in the extreme environments that solar professionals work in (dusty, wet, cold, and hot). Fluke tools are intended to keep workers safe in potentially hazardous electrical environments, and they meet or exceed all recommended safety standards.