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Fluke 568 Contact & Infrared Temp Gun: The All-in-One Thermometer for Any Job


Say goodbye to the frustration of juggling multiple thermometers for different jobs. The Fluke 568 Contact & Infrared Temp Gun is a revolutionary tool designed to deliver unmatched versatility and precision in a single, user-friendly package. Whether you’re a seasoned professional in industrial settings, an electrician, an HVAC technician, or a homeowner seeking a reliable temperature measurement tool, the Fluke 568 has you covered.



Effortless Operation Meets Rugged Durability

The Fluke 568 boasts an intuitive user interface featuring soft-key buttons and a clear graphical display. This innovative design eliminates the need to decipher complex menus, allowing you to navigate even intricate temperature measurements with ease. But functionality isn’t everything. The Fluke 568 is ruggedly built to withstand the demands of harsh environments. From accidental drops on the job site to dusty workshops, this temp gun can handle it all without compromising on performance.


The Power of Two: Conquer Any Measurement Challenge

The Fluke 568 truly shines with its unmatched versatility. Need to measure the temperature of an object that’s difficult to reach or simply too hot to touch? The infrared measurement mode allows you to take precise readings from a safe distance. On the other hand, for situations where direct contact is necessary, the Fluke 568 comes equipped with a K-type thermocouple probe for accurate contact measurements. This two-in-one functionality ensures you’re always prepared for any temperature measurement task, offering unparalleled flexibility for any professional or DIYer.


Unmatched Range and Advanced Features for In-Depth Analysis

The Fluke 568 boasts an impressive temperature range, capable of measuring temperatures from -40°F to 1472°F (-40°C to 800°C). This wide range makes it suitable for a vast array of applications, from monitoring industrial equipment to performing automotive diagnostics. The built-in laser targeting ensures you’re always measuring the exact spot you intend to, eliminating any room for error.


But the Fluke 568 doesn’t stop at basic measurement. It boasts advanced features that elevate your temperature analysis to a whole new level:

  • Data Logging and Analysis: Capture up to 99 data points and effortlessly download them to your PC for detailed analysis with the included FlukeView® Forms software. This allows you to identify trends, track changes over time, and generate professional reports for improved efficiency and record-keeping.
  • Adjustable Emissivity for Accurate Results: Different materials emit heat differently. The Fluke 568’s adjustable emissivity feature and built-in materials table guarantee accurate readings on various surfaces, ensuring you get reliable results every time, regardless of the material being measured.
  • Min/Max/Avg and Differential Functions: Quickly identify critical temperature variations and potential problem areas with the Min, Max, Avg, and Differential temperature readings. These features provide valuable insights that can help you optimize equipment performance, prevent costly downtime, and ensure the safety of your work environment.
    Invest in the Future of Temperature Measurement


The Fluke 568 Contact & Infrared Temp Gun is more than just a tool; it’s an investment in efficiency, accuracy, and peace of mind. Stop struggling with multiple thermometers and experience the difference of a truly versatile temperature measurement solution.


Don’t wait any longer! Enquire Fluke 568 Contact & Infrared Temp Gun today and take control of your temperature measurement needs.