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Fluke 925 Anemometer –  Choose the Right Air Velocity Indicator

We have seen tremendous progress in the electronic market in this digital age. Climate change, low and high temperatures, and wind speed can all now be measured using a variety of devices and instruments. An anemometer is a device that measures the wind’s speed, intensity, amplitude, and direction. It is a tool for measuring wind velocity and pressure. It is made up of three to four cups that are connected to the horizontal arms of the most common type of anemometer.

Fluke 925 Vane Anemometer

A common type of anemometer is the vane anemometer. They are handheld instruments that measure the speed and direction of the wind. They are widely used in many industries, such as HVAC, aerospace, and environmental monitoring. The wind speed is calculated using the speed of a small fan that rotates as air flows through it. Some models also include a temperature sensor for measuring the temperature of the air. Because they are accurate, dependable, and simple to use, vane anemometers are a popular choice for professionals who need to measure wind speed and direction in their work.


Vane Anemometer Qualities

It’s worth having a think about what you may need from your next Vane Anemometer. Here are some key areas to consider:

  • Consider how accurate your Anemometer needs to be. If your livelihood or reputation is dependent on extremely accurate readings, make sure they are extremely precise. If you’re just a weather enthusiast or a hobbyist, super accurate readings may not be a priority.
  • Functionality – While most Anemometers are fairly standard, consider any extra features you may require. These will supplement your weather station setup or make inspections easier. Whether it’s specific measurement scales or connectivity to your other weather instruments, we’ve got you covered. Make certain that you get the best Anemometers with the specifications you require.
  • Durability – Because any weather-related instrument is an investment, you want to make the most of it! Anemometers are no exception, so finding a product that can provide long-term reliability is essential! For example, if you’re measuring somewhere that will be subjected to harsh conditions; you should invest in a durable instrument. This will ensure that your tracking remains operational for many years to come.
  • Technology – The use of technology in modern anemometers varies, with many offering the ability to track the elements remotely. If you want something with built-in remote monitoring, look for a wireless-enabled device. When making a purchasing decision, potential connectivity to a smartphone is a must.


Fluke 925

The Fluke 925 is a cost-effective and long-lasting vane anemometer that measures wind speed, airflow, and wind temperature. Its separate air flow sensor and display, allow the user to measure airflow in a variety of locations. This tool is ideal for measuring air flow in residential and commercial buildings as part of routine maintenance.



  • Ability to measure wind speed in feet per minute or meters per second
  • Data capture using one button and the ability to average multiple readings
  • Min and Max alarm setting to alert the user when limits have been met
  • Durable over-mold housing to protect the unit from drops
  • 1 M extension of sensor from display to ensure airflow is captured in hard to reach locations


When making a decision, consider the handling and features, as well as the measurement parameters and measurement options available to you. You can then perform accurate measurements with minimal effort.


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