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Fluke 985 – Cost-Effective and Compact Particle Counter


Clean room facilities are critical in the development and manufacture of semiconductor and pharmaceutical products, as well as biotechnology and other fields that are extremely sensitive to environmental contamination. Clean rooms are classified into nine classes based on the number of particles per cubic meter and are designed to maintain an extremely low level of airborne particles. There are numerous variables that must be considered in order to achieve a specific clean room cleanliness certification, but a particle counter is an essential tool for monitoring, classifying, and diagnosing the source of contaminants in clean room operations. It should be a standard tool used in all clean rooms to measure and maintain the desired level of cleanliness.


The particle counter is also an indispensable tool in the toolbox of facility maintenance, HVAC, and IAQ professionals. It provides the user with valuable data regarding the concentration and source of particulates in the tested environment, from filter testing to indoor air quality investigations. The new Fluke 985 Particle Counter is ideal for troubleshooting and monitoring indoor air quality problems, as well as confirming HVAC filter performance and critical locations for ISO Class 5-9 certification.

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Particles in the air will eventually try to adhere to an object’s surface. The smaller the particles, the more difficult it is to remove them in later processes. As a result, it is critical to reduce and control the number of particles in advance. As a result, particle counters like Fluke 985 are used to determine how many particles of what size are suspended in the air and in what quantities in order to maintain the required level of cleanliness. The Fluke 985 is a must-have for any maintenance, HVAC, and IAQ professional due to its ultra-lightweight ergonomic design, easy-to-read color screen with intuitive icons, and on-screen trend graphs for easy and quick analysis.

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Key features

  • Six channels with particle sizes ranging from 0.3 m to 10 m
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design for one-handed operation
  • Ten hours of standard-use battery life to last a full work day
  • Large 3.5 inch QVGC color display with backlight, intuitive icons, and large font options make for easy navigation and viewing
  • 10,000 records stored in device for easy access to historical data
  • Data can be viewed in traditional tabular or trend graph at the user’s preference
  • Configurable display, sample methods, and alarm setting for sample size count (raw count, per cubic feet, cubic meter, or liter)
  • Data export to USB memory stick or direct connection to PC via USB cable. No special software required to view Excel compatible files
  • Ethernet enabled for accessing data via internet browser (Windows Explorer, Safari, and Firefox
  • USB/Ethernet charge cradle ensures the unit always ready for use
  • Administrator password control (optional) for added security
  • Meets ISO 21501-4, JIS B9921, and CE standards


Facilities managers face a variety of challenges, ranging from electrical and mechanical equipment uptime to overall safety concerns. It is critical to keep facilities and associated assets in top condition. Let’s take a look at the problems that maintenance managers, IT support, and electrical/mechanical technicians face. In addition to the Fluke solutions that promise to save you time and money while increasing efficiency and safety. Fluke manufactures dependable, rugged, and accurate tools for maintaining electromechanical systems, motors, pumps, electrical distribution systems, and other systems that keep your world running.


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