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Join us tomorrow on our FREE WEBINAR! This would be our last seminar for the month of August! So register now! Details are in the image below.
Our Topic: Achieve reliability in power plant with these essential maintenance strategies.
Power plant maintenance involves inspecting, maintaining, repairing, and replacing equipment, machinery and other assets that support the everyday operations of power plants. No matter how big or small, every equipment in the power plant plays a critical role in meeting daily goals and supporting the plant’s overall operations. Therefore, equipment maintenance is a top priority for power plants as failure of equipment can lead to devastating consequences ranging from decreased plant output to full-blown outages.
Strategic power plant maintenance requires a forward-thinking mindset. Power plants that strive for proactive maintenance should take immediate actions now to achieve better results and performance in the future.
In this webinar, learn how to:
– Effectively locate overheating high voltage switchgear using thermography
– Quickly and safely detect partial discharge on high voltage switchgear and transformers
– Optimize energy savings and performance of motor with advanced motor-drive validation
– Perform polarization index (PI) and dielectric absorption ratio (DAR) winding insulation measurements to prevent breakdown
– Better understand power quality problems and learn how to solve them
– Evaluate the condition of earth ground systems according to international standards
– Maintain UPS systems according to IEEE 1188 standards
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