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Fluke introduced its first sonic imager with SoundSight technology only 18 months ago, revolutionizing the way engineers and technicians detect leaks in industrial plants. This is quickly becoming a popular tool among industry engineers and technicians looking to improve the safety, energy efficiency, productivity, and quality of their facilities. Fluke has expanded its capabilities on the new SoundSight technology and launched yet another innovative solution for industries facing such challenges.

Fluke ii910 Precision Acoustic Imager - 3

Partial discharge is a serious issue that you want to be able to track quickly and easily. When inspecting insulators, transformers, switchgears, or high voltage power lines, it is critical to detect problems as soon as possible. Unchecked partial discharge can result in blackouts, fires, explosions, or death from arc flashes. Fluke’s SoundSight technology now allows the ii910 to easily locate corona and partial discharge. The Fluke ii910 is aimed at technicians working with high voltages in power generation and transmission, as well as industrial high voltage equipment. It claims to offer more sophisticated detection than standard ultrasonic tools while also providing the visual performance of more expensive UV cameras.


The new Fluke ii910 Precision Acoustic Imager is ideal for high voltage electricians, electrical test engineers, and grid maintenance teams who must constantly inspect and maintain power distribution and industrial high voltage equipment. The ii910 provides a safe, quick, and simple method for detecting and locating partial discharges in order to maintain high voltage equipment and avoid catastrophic events. The ii910’s SoundSight technology converts the sounds it hears into a visual representation, allowing you to quickly locate problem areas.



  • Frequency range: 2 kHz to 100 kHz
  • Detection range: up to 393 feet (120 meters)
  • Array of microphones generates a spectrum of decibel levels per frequency
  • Can find leaks during peak operation hours in compressed air, gas, steam and vacuum systems
  • Easy way to locate partial discharge for maintaining high voltage equipment
  • Detect partial discharge early, allowing for proper maintenance scheduling and increased uptime.
  • Quickly and easily scan areas to find potential problems
  • Detect and analyse partial discharge from a safe distance
  • Cut costs and save energy everyday by taking the guesswork out of finding and fixing partial discharge


The ii910 is the all-in-one tool you’ve been looking for to solve all of your leak and PD problems. Everything you require is at your fingertips. With the simple one-button capture and large 7″ touchscreen LCD, you can quickly scan the area or environment and capture all the images or videos you need. There is no need for any additional tools or equipment. You have full mobility and greater flexibility to switch between detecting and fixing the leak or partial dischargeĀ because no cumbersome secondary cables or devices are required.


The ii910 is truly designed to be used by anyone with little to no training. You don’t need any certifications to use this tool, so throw them away. Simply turn on the ii910, select your frequency range (or let the tool do it for you), and begin scanning for PD or leaks right away. The simple, user-friendly interface enables technicians to isolate the sound frequency of the leak and filter out background noise in even the noisiest environments. The ii910 can record video for up to 5 minutes and has a battery life of at least 6 hours.