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Understanding the Fluke 2052 Advanced Wire Tracer Kit 

The Fluke 2052 Advanced Wire Tracer accurately and safely troubleshoots electrified and de-energized wires in residential, commercial, and industrial situations up to CAT IV 600 V. This CAT rating provides the most safety of any wire tracer. It is designed to protect you from the most harmful levels of transient overvoltage, which can reach 8,000 V in industrial and utility applications. This is especially significant for circumstances that may arise in industrial plants, factories, and hospitals where critical equipment cannot be turned off.


The Fluke 2052 is useful for diagnosing electrical wiring and equipment in private houses, business buildings, and high-voltage utility plants. Its various modes and functionalities provide you the ability to troubleshoot a wide range of electrical wiring and circuitry issues that may arise on the job.


Key Features

  • Quickly and reliably identify electrified and de-energized wires in walls, ceilings, and floors.
  • Find breaks, openings, and shorts, and simply identify breakers and fuses.
  • CAT IV 600 V safety rating.
  • Includes the i400 AC Current Clamp attachment for producing a tracing signal on the cable when bare conductors are not accessible.Q


Four Receiver Tracing Modes

 The 2052 Receiver detects signals in wires and cables by two methods: passive tracing without the transmitter for non-contact voltage detection and active tracing with the transmitter for all other modes. The receiver’s tip sensor can detect cables in corners, small places, and junction boxes.

  1. Quick Scan mode enables speedy signal detection.
  2. Precision mode allows for more exact wire detection.
  3. Breaker mode allows for simple breaker and fuse identification based on the highest recorded signal detected by the transmitter.
  4. The non-contact voltage detection mode allows you to trace energized cables without using the transmitter.


Three Transmitter Power Modes

The 2000T Transmitter operates on both energized and de-energized circuits up to CAT IV 600 V and has high, low, and loop modes. Depending on the circuit you’re tracing, these modes can help deliver more accurate findings by varying the strength of the induced signal. 

  1. High mode for normally energized and de-energized circuits.
  2. Low mode: precise tracing with a low signal to reduce coupling to surrounding wires and metal objects.
  3. Loop mode for closed loop, de-energized circuits.
  4. The 2000T detects if the system is energized or de-energized and selects between a 6 kHz or 33 kHz output frequency. Eight receiver sensitivity settings provide greater flexibility and accuracy when tracing.


The Fluke 2052 Advanced Wire Tracer Kit conveniently includes everything needed to begin tracing wires and circuits. The accessory kit contains test leads, probes, blade and round outlet adapters, and alligator clips for connecting the transmitter to electrical systems. Connecting the transmitter to a bare conductor with the provided alligator clips and test leads always yields the most accurate results.


However, if a direct connection to a bare conductor is not possible, the accompanying i400 AC Current Clamp can be utilized in the “Loop” mode to generate a boosted 6 kHz signal through the insulation. The set also includes batteries and a sturdy carrying box.


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