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Yes, we get it.  Why bother to look for an authorized reseller when the product is identical and has the same specifications? Additionally, unlicensed merchants offer lower prices, especially considering how expensive some products are. An authorized reseller is a business that has a direct relationship with a major brand, such as Fluke. Purchasing from an authorized dealer ensures that you are receiving the best products and equipment from a trustworthy and knowledgeable source. Why spend more money when there are several less expensive options available to purchase from an authorized distributor in the Philippines like Chomar Uni-Trade? In this post, we’ll explain why purchasing from an authorized distributor is preferable than getting a deal elsewhere.


Best Quality

Buying from an authorized dealer ensures that you are getting the best quality because manufacturers almost always send their best products to certified dealers. If you price shop, you may notice that big box stores and private party sales are less expensive, but don’t be fooled. Even when the price is lower, the quality suffers most of the time. Authorized resellers have up-to-date manufacturer information on product changes or technical issues. This will save you time and effort. The product will be fresh and delivered professionally. The product should not be tampered with nor have its serial numbers altered.



Employees are trained and knowledgeable about all of the brands they carry. Employees have the opportunity to attend and learn from vendor trainings. If you have any questions or are unsure about which brand to purchase, staffs are always happy to assist you. An Authorized Reseller should be able to answer product-related questions. Setup and technical support should be included. This would also include pre- and post-sale assistance.


Purchase with confidence

Purchasing from an authorized reseller provides you with peace of mind. Your mind is at ease knowing that your customer rights are always protected and that your purchases are handled with care. You won’t have to worry about being overcharged or being ignored after you pay them. Legitimate sellers will provide you with the assurance that you deserve as a customer.


Get real discounts

Have you ever purchased a “discounted” item only to discover that it was an old stock or a defective product? That’s nothing new. Many retailers use this type of ruse to sell their bad stock. And it’s not acceptable when purchasing electronics. This is why we seek out premium resellers. Authorized resellers have a strict contract with a brand to protect its reputation by selling new and in excellent condition products. As a result, when they offer a discount, you know it’s genuine and unquestionably a steal. Authorized dealers have a healthy relationship with the manufacturer. Oftentimes the dealer can assist in warranty claim issues. Buying outside of authorized channels can result in a voided warranty.

As the official representative between the manufacturer and the end user, authorized distributors must meet the requirements and standards established by the manufacturer of the product or service being sold. These standards offer some level of consumer protection by ensuring that the product/service purchased will be delivered as intended by the manufacturer or provider.