Fluke 52120A Transconductance Amplifier

Key features

  • Industry-leading amplifier accuracy:
  • – 140 ppm ac (used with 61XXA Electrical Power Standard or 5730A)
  • – 350 ppm ac (used with dc/lf calibrator
  • – 160 ppm dc (used with dc/lf calibrator
  • Frequency: DC to 10 kHz
  • Burden voltage (compliance): 4.5 V @ 120 A
  • Inductive drive capability: 1 mH load
  • Output ranges: 2 A, 20 A, 120 A
  • Input ranges: 2 V or 200 mA F.S. for 2 A and 20 A ranges, 1.2 V or 120 mA F.S. for 120 A range
  • Parallel operation: (Closed loop mode with 61XXX or 5730A) 2 or 3 amplifiers, up to 360 A in a single phase
  • Parallel operation: (Standalone mode), up to 10 amplifiers, up to 1200 A in a single phase
  • Accessory coils: 25-turn coil supports 3000 A, 50-turn coil supports 6000 A
  • Control communication with 6105A/6100B Electrical Power Standards or 5730A
  • GPIB remote operation

For detailed information : Click Datasheet

Product overview: Fluke 52120A Transconductance Amplifier

The 52120A is designed for users whose ability to address their calibration workload may be limited by the output current, accuracy and drive capability of their present test equipment, including:

  • Calibration professionals in a calibration/standards lab or an electrical utility
  • Manufacturers of power/energy instrumentation and meters, power quality analyzers or power converters
  • Users of electrical test and measurement equipment

The 52120A operates as a transconductance amplifier with:

  • 5522A/5502A/5520A/5500A Multi-Product Calibrators
  • 5730A*/5700A/5720A Multifunction Calibrator
  • 6105A*/6100B* Electrical Power Standard
  • 5080A Multi-Product Calibrator
  • 9100 Universal Calibration System
  • Any calibrator, signal generator or power supply capable of sourcing 2 V or 200 mA, dc or ac

*Special closed-loop operating mode

You may also operate your 52120A in closed-loop mode, seamlessly communicating with your Fluke Calibration 6105A or 6100B Electrical Power Standard to deliver enhanced 52120A accuracy.