Fluke 5730A High Performance Multifunction Calibrator

Key features

  • Improved performance specifications for ac voltage, ac current and resistance
  • 6.5 inch VGA capacitive touch screen with full color graphical user interface
  • Visual Connection Management™ output terminals guide connections
  • Graphical user interface in nine languages
  • Compatible with 52120A and 5725A amplifiers
  • Full MET/CAL® compatibility with 5700A and 5720A procedures
  • Artifact Calibration using 10 V, 1 Ω and 10 kΩ external standards; 30 MHz and 50 MHz wideband output options available

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Product overview: Fluke 5730A High-Performance Multifunction Calibrator

The calibrator for those who demand the best

The 5730A is designed for calibration professionals who require the most accurate dc/LF signals available in a multifunction calibrator, as well as those who simply want the best calibrator available. Metrologists in national laboratories, the military, third-party calibration laboratories, and corporate users with high-end workloads will value the performance and reliability of the 5730A. All 5730A calibrators are traceable to international standards and are produced in the factory with ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibrations. Specifications are stated to the standard Fluke Calibration 99 % confidence level (as well as 95 % confidence level) to support easy measurement comparisons according to international quality standards. Specifications are absolute and include the uncertainty of the calibration standards used. No additional analysis is required.

Updated features provide improvements inside and out

The 5730A calibrator incorporates the latest technology and usability features. Surface mount technology and modern digital components have enabled Fluke Calibration to advance the proven design of the 5700A/5720A and create the next generation of high-performance multifunction calibrators.

The 5730A keeps many of the front-panel details that characterize its predecessors while adding a new full-color touch screen display to enhance usability and help you calibrate more efficiently. Users enter values via a familiar, calculator-style keyboard, working naturally from left to right. A new graphical user interface features easy-to-read, easy-to-use menus, as well as access to common functions with just the touch of a finger. Status indicators for OPERATE, STANDBY and HAZARDOUS VOLTAGE appear on the screen in bright letters or icons that you can easily recognize from across the calibration lab. The touch screen messages are available in your choice of nine languages, including English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, and Korean.

The redesigned front panel features many new improvements. For example, Visual Connection Management™ output terminals light up to show you which terminals are active, guiding the user to make the correct connections. The handles and knob are over-molded for comfort and feel. USB ports are placed both on the front and rear of the unit. Use the port at the front to download internal calibration constants; use the rear port for remote communication with a PC—or choose the LAN, IEEE, or serial interfaces.

Increased confidence, reduced cost of ownership

The 5730A calibrator features Artifact Calibration. Only three artifact standards—a 10 V dc reference and 1 Ohm and 10 k Ohm resistance references—are required to calibrate all ranges and functions to full specifications. Front panel GUI instructions prompt the operator to make connections and inputs each step of the way. The calibrator controls the process, which takes only about an hour, compared to several hours using traditional calibration methods. In addition to saving time and equipment costs, Artifact Calibration can extend the time between calibrations of the 5730A to two years before a full verification check by a Fluke Service Center is required. And, because the 5730A can tolerate operating temperatures between 15 °C and 35 °C, it can be calibrated where it’s used, rather than having to be shipped to a standards laboratory for calibration.

Save time and support costs with Artifact Calibration

When Artifact Calibration was first introduced in the Fluke 5700A, customers asked many questions about traceability because they were surprised that you could calibrate so many ranges and functions with only three external standards. However, thanks in part to considerable testing and evaluation by three national laboratories in Europe, Artifact Calibration is fully validated by the metrology community. Today many metrologists rely on Artifact Calibration to maintain their Fluke calibrators at 90-day specifications for up to two years. Significant savings can be realized in calibration costs by only paying for a full verification and shipping to a certified Fluke Service Center every two years. The time savings are also significant, as Artifact Calibration allows the 5730A to remain in service and conducting calibrations when it would otherwise be unavailable due to shipping and service time. Speak to a Fluke Calibration representative today to learn how to embrace this tried and true method of maintaining the traceability of your 5730A.