Fluke-831 ROW Laser Shaft Alignment Tool

PHP 694,449.28

PHP 694,449.28 (inc. VAT)

Key features

  • Fast, easy, and precise alignment that adapts to your needs.
  • Rugged build and the highest-in-class IP rating.
  • Single-laser technology for the fastest, most accurate laser alignment.
  • Cloud connection enables real-time collaboration.
  • Use up to 8 measurement points to achieve precision alignment on vertical machines.

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Product overview: Fluke 831 Laser Shaft Alignment Tool

Precision laser alignment made easy

The rugged Fluke 831 has an intuitive guided user interface that enables quick and complete shaft alignment without advanced training or complicated programs. And while it’s easy to use, laser alignment with the Fluke 831 is powerful enough for the skilled technician. You can cover more of your machines with all the functionality needed on the plant floor, from thermal growth to user defined tolerances and more.

Reduce costs by avoiding downtime

Misalignment causes at least half of all damage to rotating machinery, studies show. Instead of fixing the problem, teams often just treat the symptoms of misalignment and replace bearings, couplings, and seals because they think alignment takes too long.

Contrary to expectations, laser alignment can be fast and easy. So, every machine that is repaired and overhauled should be aligned – not just a few. Teams that embrace laser alignment can save thousands of dollars per year by avoiding downtime and energy waste and reducing the number of bearings and seals they have to replace.