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5 Fluke Tools Every Electrician Must Have

If you were to ask every electrician which tools are present in their handy bag, they would answer these top 5 essential tools in a jiffy: a clamp meter, multimeter, insulated tools, non-contact voltage tester, and fluorescent light tester. 


It’s no wonder that Fluke tools and testers are on an on-demand sale here in the Philippines. These are in every electrician’s must-haves. 


Clamp meters



Fluke has got a wide array of clamp meters in its roster. Why did it become essential for electricians? For starters, it can cover wires in unreachable spaces. It’s noise-free and gives reliable readings. It’s also very simple to use. 





Digital Multimeters are every electrician’s dream because of their accurate measurements, reliable performance, attention to safety, and of course, the strongest warranty. These handy tools from Fluke combine several meter functions into one. You can use these to troubleshoot and diagnose electrical measurements among others. 


Insulated Tools 



These insulated tools range from insulated screwdrivers, heavy-duty combination lineman pliers, and long nose pliers. This line of insulated hand tools has passed the requirements for safety, reliability, and ergonomics, and delivers a lifetime of service dedicated to safety. 


Non-contact voltage tester



One of the best Fluke testers in the Philippines is the Fluke T6-1000 Electrical Tester. Some of its key features include: 

  • Measure voltage to 1000 V AC without test leads 
  • Simultaneously measure voltage and current 
  • 17.8 mm open fork is widest in the industry 
  • Measure up to 200 A on 4/0 wires (120 mm2)

It also swiftly and safely takes True rms voltage and current measurements without test leads. Amazing, right? 


Fluorescent light tester



This specific brand can perform all five essential tests with one handy tool. It can perform five lighting tests in under 30 seconds, it’s drop-tested to survive a drop from a six foot (two meter) ladder, plus, it delivers quick, easy, and reliable results! A must-have, indeed!

The next time you get your hands on Fluke tools that are for sale, make sure you grab one of these basics!