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Best Selling Fluke Tools of All Time


Getting quality products from a thousand ones is always a tough job, it’s better to buy a good once than crappy three times. Fluke made a name for themselves over the years, they are the best in the game as they always make innovative, robust, and high quality products. Because of this it may be a bit difficult to determine which tool is the best in each field. A sheet cheat is prepared for you that will show the best-selling Fluke products and highly recommended tools by the users.


Fluke multimeter are worth the money in every sense. They last for long and they are built in all the features to tackle any shock. Fluke has numbers of multimeters to choose but one of the all-time favorites of DIY electricians and professional service technicians is the Fluke 117 True RMS.


The Fluke 117 True RMS is a device that includes integrated non-contact Volt-Alert that auto detects voltage. It is capable of reading AC/DC current measurement of up to 10A. Many users find this device extremely responsive and reliable because of its capability of making a 6000 count display with 4 updates per second, also of a 33 segment bar graph with 32 updates per second. Fluke 117 is smaller and weighs only 400 grams and has an easy and compact hand grip while operating it. It is also known of its durability with quality materials and techniques. It has a large led display, a high resolution that makes the readings of result simple and very fast. It also comes with white backlights that works well in areas with poor lightning and the ergonomic design which provides for one-handed operation and it also has an automatic touch features which holds measurements longer for a later use. Fluke 117 is shock-resistance and built with the best materials that can survive in harsh conditions.


Fluke 117 Multimeter


A Clamp Meter is an important tool for technicians in they day to day operations that you can take no chances on its quality and there should not be any compromises when choosing the best clamp meter. Fluke Clamp meter are highly rated and reviewed AC and DC clamp meter but one of the best-selling and highly recommended clamp meter is the Fluke 376 FC 1000A. This is a Bluetooth enabled device that can be connected to smartphone easily and can read measurements from afar through the smartphone. Fluke 376 Clamp meter can measure true RMS Voltage and current levels even on non-linear signals and it comes with iFlex that makes measurements in tight locations easier. This clamp meter can capture intermittent faults while performing other tasks in real-time. It can do a real-time report and store the recorded results that can share the results via email. It also comes with a neat dust free cover case for storage and a lengthy cable for easier measurements outside the arc flash zone.

Fluke 376 Clamp Meter


Are you a technician dealing with any mechanical, automotive, electrical or HVAC repairs and maintenance? The Infrared thermometer is perfect for you. Fluke 62 Max Plus IR Thermometer is the best in this fields. Most IR Thermometer are quite fragile but Fluke 62 Max Plus is more capable of riding out the usual drops and bumps and it is built to survive in the dirtiest and dustiest industrial site. It comes with dual laser that ensure the accuracy of measurements and can get a precise surface temperature reading. The robust outer plastic is IP 54 rated, which means it is protected against dust and splashes of liquid. It also comes with a large backlit LCD screen which makes the data easy to read and just like other Fluke tools, it is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand. Fluke is obviously happy to stand behind the quality of the Fluke 62 Max Plus which they offer a three-year warranty on all manufacturing faults.


Fluke is one of the recognized names and preferred manufacturer from both novices and professionals when it comes to the thermal imaging in the industry. Thermal Imaging Camera are able to measure object’s temperature. They are capable on discovering and tracking people’s body temperature in crowded body areas. Out of broad range of Thermal Imager geared towards numerous uses that flukes offer. Fluke TIS20 Thermal Imaging Camera stands out among the rest. Has an improved thermal resolution and even includes a mode known as Autoblend which enhances the detail level of captured images. It comes with fixed focus infrared camera with 120 x 90 resolution that will enable you to inspect large areas fast. It is rugged and reliable that you can take it anywhere without being harm of. It has an additional perk is it has a large LCD screen with 3.5-inch size. A Pistol-Shaped for a comfortable grip with trigger for capturing. It can store thousands of images on 4GB internal memory and has alithium-ion smart battery with the five segment LED charge level display so you’ll always know how much power you have left.

Fluke TiS20+ Thermal Imaging Camera

Fluke TiS20+ Thermal Imaging Camera


We know Fluke primarily for its test and measurement products, so its not terribly surprising that were seeing Fluke 417D as one of the best-selling laser distance meter in the market. Fluke 417 Laser Distance meter is a great choice if you are lookingf or an effective and accurate laser distance. It has a measuring range of 330 feet. One of the favorite feature of the users is that tripod mode and support. It can mount and secure the unit on a tripod to measure long distances as it ensures that the dot is not shaken off before you click the button. This tool is easy to not just like the other laser distance meter, Fluke 417 has a screen and just three buttons. It runs two AAA batteries with an auto shut off. This device designed to survive in a typical jobsite environment.

fluke 717 Laser Distance meter

Fluke 417 Laser Distance Meter

This sheet cheat hopefully gave you a pretty good idea which tool may suit your needs. We hope to find it informative and useful enough for your next purchase.


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