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Fluke 831 – Must Have Laser Shaft Alignment Tool


Laser alignment instruments are incredibly useful in any sector. Shaft alignment is the act of aligning two connected rotating shafts when measurements are made in the horizontal and vertical planes. Misalignment of a shaft is one of the leading causes of mechanical downtime, higher maintenance, and expenses. Shaft misalignment can cause increased noise and vibrations, premature bearing and seal failure, and premature shaft and coupling failure.


Laser shaft alignment systems are available for every condition and industry, from the most basic to the most complicated, and can be used in potentially explosive environments. All systems are designed to be easily installed on the machines. Vital components are composed of aluminum and stainless steel to ensure accurate measurement readings and maximum dependability in even the harshest situations.


How do laser alignment tools work?

Perfect shaft alignment is critical to a machine’s efficiency. Laser alignment tools, also known as shaft alignment tools, use laser technology to ensure that shaft measurements are collected at the rotational centre.



What are the advantages of utilizing a laser alignment tool?


Laser alignment tools provide precision and rapidity. Many laser alignment tools include onboard software that calculates shaft alignment and generates automatic reports, as well as wireless communications such as tablets and smartphones that improve instrument handling and allow for the alignment of difficult-to-reach applications from a safe distance from the user.


Fluke 831 Laser Shaft Alignment Tool


Protect investments with this alignment tool, which boosts machine availability, improves product quality, and minimizes vibration. Complete work faster with this alignment tool, which eliminates human mistake and tackles a variety of horizontal, angular, and vertical alignment issues. Furthermore, this powerful alignment tool has an easy-to-use interface and supports online data sharing.


Key Features

  • Single laser, reflected measurement method doubles the distance and decreases mistakes, hence improving accuracy.
  • Utilizes sophisticated features such as the unique extend mode to tackle gross misalignment and the integrated thermal growth calculator, which automatically incorporates in dynamic machine changes into the result.
  • Quick setup and intuitive user interface: Its swiftly installed setup and tablet-like, intuitive guided user interface make it more user-friendly than any other traditional measurement methods (align linked shafts in four quick, easy stages).
  • Share data through the cloud: You can use its integrated Wi-Fi cloud solution to simply transfer data from the handheld device to the ARC 4.0 PC program.
  • Precision alignment of vertical machines can be achieved using up to 8 measurement points.


The Fluke 831‘s guided user interface allows for rapid and easy shaft alignment without the need for extensive training or complicated algorithms. The Fluke 831 offers powerful laser alignment for professional technicians, despite its ease of use. Expand your machine capability to include thermal expansion, user-defined tolerances, and other plant-floor requirements.


According to research, misalignment accounts for at least half of all damage to rotating machinery. Teams often handle signs of misalignment by replacing bearings, couplings, and seals, believing alignment is too time-consuming. Contrary to assumptions, laser alignment can be quick and simple. All fixed and reconditioned machines should be aligned. Laser alignment can save teams thousands of dollars annually by minimizing downtime, energy waste, and the need for replacement bearings and seals.