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Fluke 87V MAX: The Top-of-the-Line in the Legendary 80 Series


The 87V MAX is ideal for troubleshooting solar inverters, combiner boxes, and battery storage systems. It has an IP67-rated, industrial-strength case as well as a removable holster. The holster also functions as a test probe holder, allowing for one-handed operation. This meter is completely waterproof and dust proof, so it will continue to work reliably no matter where your job takes you. Connect the MC4 test leads to the meter in a safe manner to validate voltage from individual panels or groups of panels in a PV array.

Fluke 87V MAX True-rms Digital Multimeter_6

It is one of Flukes’ best-selling multimeters, and it is frequently used by industry professionals. The Fluke 87V Max multimeter is required when getting your hands dirty. With a larger display and up to 50% faster measurements, these powerful and dependable meters are ideal for industrial use, providing more data in less time to help you make better decisions. This tough, dependable industrial meter is ideal for the “ultimate” metering solution for an electrical engineer or technician. This digital multimeter is a high-quality and dependable piece of equipment that can be used for almost any electrical task around the house or office.



  • Auto off: 30 minutes – To disable it, hold down the yellow function button while turning on the power with the dial at the same time. Turn off and on again to re-enable.
  • Disable beeper: Hold the Continuity button and turn on the power at the same time..
  • Calibration mode: While turning on the AC volts, hold MIN/MAX. For calibration count, avoid pressing anything other than AutoHOLD.
  • Smoothing: To smooth an edgy signal, press Range while turning on the power.
  • High impedance mode: To test sensitive electronics, hold Hz while powering on.
  • Fuse checker: Test amps and milliamps jacks with the red probe only in its ‘home’ (main) terminal — ‘OL’ would indicate a blown fuse..
  • Diagnostic screen check: While turning on, hold AutoHOLD to illuminate every digit and icon.
  • Button check:  Change the voltage to AC and then press each button for a beep.


Build Quality and Design

The Fluke 87v Max is specifically designed for industrial use and harsh environments. The design is waterproof and dustproof by supplementing IP67 standards. Furthermore, the IP67 rating protects against dust and immersion in depths ranging from 15 centimeters to 1 meter. When I mention IP67, most multimeters start compromising on input jack insulation and drop-tested certifications. The Fluke 87v max, on the other hand, has a 13-foot drop test certification. Its exterior silicon casing, which absorbs the majority of the hops and jerks, makes it impervious to drops.


Safety and Protection

Any tool that requires calibration must put safety first. Both tools and technicians rely on it. To prevent power surges from worsening, a 10A fuse is installed at the amperes jack and a 400mA fuse is installed at the mA socket. This not only keeps the multimeter from being blown apart, but also records its calibration levels. Because of the IP67 and 4-meter drop testing certifications, you can use it perfectly. It includes test leads for monitoring voltages up to 1000 volts in both AC and DC circuits.


HVAC technicians, General Contractors, Facilities Maintenance, Electronics Technicians, Automotive Technicians, and Engineers will all benefit from the Fluke 87V digital multimeter. This multimer has many advanced features and is more accurate than most people will need for home use or other construction jobs.

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