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Fluke 971 – Fluke Indoor Quality Meter

Understanding and regulating a home’s heating and ventilation can do wonders for sinuses, clearing passageways and allowing inhabitants to breathe freely. Indeed, multiple studies have demonstrated that relative humidity has a major impact on a wide range of health conditions. Measuring humidity is very crucial for persons whose doctors have prescribed a controlled-humidity environment, whether the humidity is lowered or raised. Measuring humidity is also significant for non-health-related (but perhaps equally important) concerns like as wine and cigars. Rather than guessing the moisture level in your home, use a humidity meter to keep the moisture needle in the correct position. The best humidity meter, whether analog or digital, detects and reports the quantity of humidity in the air.


Fluke 971 Temperature Humidity Meter

The Fluke 971 gives you the answers you need while maintaining the dependability and toughness that Fluke products are known for. The Fluke 971 has the features you need to protect your investment for a long time, from the wet bulb and dew point calculations to the tough holster and belt clip. Accurate humidity and temperature readings can be taken quickly and easily. The Fluke 971 is a must-have tool for facility maintenance and utility technicians, HVAC service contractors, and indoor air quality (IAQ) specialists. Because it is lightweight and simple to use, it is ideal for monitoring problem areas. With a tough holster and a protected sensor, the Fluke 971 is built to last.


Product Highlight

  • Backlit dual display of humidity and temperature
  • Measures dew point and wet bulb
  • Durable and portable
  • Lightweight and easy to hold, the Fluke 971 is the perfect tool for monitoring problem areas.
  • 50 record storage capacity
  • Ergonomic design with belt clip and protective holster
  • Quick-response capacitive sensor with twist-open protective cover.
  • Min/Max/Avg data hold
  • Low battery indicator


How to use Fluke 971

After removing the protective shutter from the sensor, push the power button to turn on the Meter and begin gathering measurements. Temperature readings can be shown in either the Scales in degrees Celsius (°C) or Fahrenheit (°F). Remove the battery compartment door and slide the temperature scale switch to the selected scale to switch between °C and °F.


To examine the saved Minimum, Maximum, and Average readings, press N again to cycle through all three stored sets of observations. You must first select a wet bulb, dew point, or ambient before reading the Min Max Avg data. The display displays which stored set of readings is displayed. Pressing N a fourth time displays the current measurement.


To exit Min Max Record mode and return to regular operation, press and hold N for two seconds.


When enabled, Min Max Record saves a new measurement that is either greater or less than a previously saved maximum or minimum measurement. To begin Min Max Record, press N. The letter M shows on the display to indicate that the Min Max Record mode is active.


The Fluke 971 is a must-have tool for facility maintenance and utility workers, HVAC service contractors, and indoor air quality (IAQ) specialists. The Fluke 971 is the ideal tool for monitoring problem areas because it is lightweight and easy to use. The Fluke 971 is designed to perform and last, with a tough holster and a shielded sensor.