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Fluke – New Year New Gear

The clock has struck 12 and the parties are all over. So that means it’s time to start the New Year right with some new gear from Fluke. Yes! you deserve to get new tools this coming 2022, you’ve just finished treating everyone else in your life. Maybe it’s time to treat yourself and get some new tools this new year and if you are lucky you may hit some great deals for holiday seasons. Fluke just introduce new tools that every technician wanted to have, even their existing tools they are always recommended by technicians mainly because Fluke tools operate reliably in extreme environments that technicians work – dust, wet, cold and hot – and are tested to survive drops that can occur in field work. Fluke tools are also designed to keep workers safe in potentially dangerous environments, meeting or exceeding all recommended safety standards.

Fluke 190 Series III ScopeMeter

The Fluke ScopeMeter 190 Series II combines the highest safety ratings and rugged portability with the high performance in a bench oscilloscope. Fluke 190 Series III ScopeMeter Test Tools are engineered to go where you go. These CAT Ill 1000 V/CAT IV 600V rated test tools combine rugged portability with the high performance of bench oscilloscopes to help you take on the challenges of installing, commissioning and maintaining industrial machinery, automation and process controls, and power conversion electronics with ease from DC to 500 MHz.

Key features

  • Rated for industrial environments CAT III 1000 V/CAT IV 600 V
  • Automatically capture, view and analyze complex waveforms
  • Large, bright color display for easy in-the-field viewing
  • USB and Wi-Fi download for analyzing data with FlukeView software
  • Up to four independent floating isolated inputs, up to 1000 V Measure from mV to kV safely Independently isolated inputs allow you



Fluke 1770 Series Three-Phase Power Quality Analyzer


Engineered to be the faster, easier way to perform power quality studies, the 1770 Series offers automatic measurements, a straightforward user interface and setup, best-in-class specifications, and a simplified reporting platform. The instrument can also be powered directly from the measurement circuit eliminating the need to find a power outlet or use a lengthy extension cord. It also eliminates the complexities of power quality logging, troubleshooting, and analysis with automatic measurements, a straightforward user interface and set up and a simplified reporting platform.

Key features

  • Automatic measurement of power and power quality parameters. Critical power quality data is captured as soon as a session is started, without extensive setup or selections. Intuitive user interface.
  • Intuitive user interface – The streamlined user interface makes it easy makes it easy to navigate between measurement parameters like V/A/Hz, power, dips and swells, harmonics, unbalance, or PQ health at the push of a button.
  • High-speed voltage transient capture – Capture damaging high- speed, high magnitude transients to mitigate their effects before equipment fails.



Fluke 393 FC CAT III 1500 V True-rms Clamp Meter with iFlex


Fluke 393 is the first world’s first and only CAT III 1500 V DC Clamp meter with iFlex. It is designed for technicians who work in high voltage DC environment. The clamp will measure up to 1500 V DC, 1000 V AC and 999.9 A DC or AC through the clamp jaw. The included iFlex flexible current probe extended ac current measurement up to 2500 amps.

Key Features

  • Measure safely with CAT III 1500 V rated clamp meter
  • Sturdy IP54 rated for outdoor use
  • Work efficiently with de power measurement, audio polarity and visual continuity
  • DC power measurement, showing readings in KVA Audio Polarity indicator helps prevent accidental miswires
  • Visual Continuity turns provide a bright green light in the display, ideal when working in dark and noisy environments
  • Logging and reporting of test results via Fluke Connect software
  • Flex flexible current probe gives you unparalleled access to cable is tight spaces
  • Flex probe can be twisted through extremely small spaces


There’s a lot to look forward with Fluke in 2022 that every professional, residential or DIYer electricians swear to these tools and you will too. These are just some of them, everyone might be excited what Fluke will offer this coming 2022 that will keep our world up and running again.