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Fluke – Wrap Me Up This Holiday Seasons!

Christmas is supposed to be the season dedicated to everything merry and bright. But let’s face it. Sometimes, it can also be the one of the most stressful times of the year. During this season, we always so much to do in such a little time. Going to the mall buying holiday gifts is a tough job. It’s not just about gifting for the sake of saying you did so. You want to do your best to find a unique, thoughtful present they’ll truly love and be able to use for whatever passion or interest they have.


Don’t know where to start looking of a Christmas gift to your dad, husband, brother or anyone who loves to zip around the hardware almost every day and it may feel like hardware is his second home, while to you it may feel like a foreign country, or even for the DIYer of your life who takes pride in tackling home repair and maintenance tasks themselves? Luckily, Fluke got your back, whether you’re looking for something to expand their workshop, or just want more tools to fix anything and everything around the house, there’s a perfect Christmas gift at Fluke for them but shopping for a tool nut can be overwhelming, considering the sheer number of tools, types sizes and prices out there. We pulled together some of the Fluke tools to give you some options and gift ideas that any tool lover will appreciate whether they are a weekend warrior, casual tinkerer or a beginner.



For The College Student



IKST7 Insulated Screwdriver and plier tools starter kit is an ideal tool for the dorm, the road or studying abroad. This small size multi-tool contains everything they’ll need for minor repairs, assembling furniture. The Fluke insulated hand tools starter kit contains most often used screwdrivers, pliers, and cutters. Three sizes of slot screwdrivers. #1 and #2 Philips screwdrivers. Long nose pliers, heavy duty diagonal cutters and heavy duty lineman combination pliers. They are all made from hardened chromium-molybdenum-vanadium (CMV) steel and they are also certified to 1000 volts and 1500V DC.



For The Gamer and online streamer Sibling

Fluke Microscanner PoE is the perfect gift for all online gamer and streamer or even to those friends whose working at home. The basic prerequisites for starting a stream is having a gaming device or PC, an external microphone or gaming headset, a webcam and the most important is a fast internet. Fluke Microscanner PoE will help you on installing and troubleshooting Ethernet devices. It will also quickly determine if a problem is caused by a bad or unconnected cable, insufficient power, or a powered device. It has a built-in RJ11, RJ45 and coax support. Both the main unit and the far-end identifiers can be used to test telephone jacks, Ethernet jacks, and CATV outlets right out of the box.



For The Technician Friend That Everyone Calls for Help

No matter how good they are at electricity, he may need troubleshooter kit which includes the Fluke DMM 87-5 which has an improved measurement functions, trouble-shooting features, resolution and accuracy to solve more problems. All inputs are protected to CAT-III and CAT-IV 600V. The Fluke Clamp meter 325 is one of the best troubleshooting tool for commercial and residentials electricians. This tools is rugged, reliable true-rms clamp meter with DC current and frequency measurements on nonlinear signals. The next tool added to the troubleshooter kit is the  Fluke Tester T6-1000 is a tester designed with FieldSense, allows you to measure up to 1000 Voltage without test leads and without opening covers or removing wire nuts. It will change the user job safer, faster and easier.  Lastly, Fluke T150 this a two-pole voltage/continuity tester with LCD, ohms and switchable load. It also have an updated to improved safety features. With the Fluke T150, you’ll get accurate, reliable measurements of voltage in several different ways.


The best gifts are the ones that people can actually use in their life instead of treating them like those long-forgotten neckties of holidays. Getting your handy dad or your DIYer brother a functional tools will ensure that every time he has to fix a broken appliance or electric failure he will surely think of you.