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Must-Have Wire Tracer Kit: Fluke 2062 Advanced Pro


Struggling to diagnose electrical wiring and equipment issues? The Fluke 2062 Advanced Pro Wire Tracer safely and accurately identifies energized and de-energized wires in residential, commercial, and industrial environments, up to a CAT IV 600 V safety rating. This protects you from dangerous transient voltage spikes (up to 8,000 V) common in industrial settings and critical facilities where powering down equipment isn’t an option.

FLUKE 2062


The 2062 automatically detects energized or de-energized systems and adjusts its output frequency (6 kHz or 33 kHz) for optimal results. With eight receiver sensitivity settings, tracing becomes more flexible and precise.


Key Features:

  • CAT IV / 600 V safety rating
  • Includes 2062R Receiver, 2000T Transmitter, and i400 AC Current Clamp
  • Smart Sensor mode for visual detection and tracing of energized wires
  • High-resolution 3.5″ TFT LCD color display
  • Accessory kit and hard carrying case included



Unmatched Precision with Smart Sensor Technology

The Fluke 2062’s unique Smart Sensor, exclusive to the 2062R Receiver, takes wire tracing to a new level. It visually locates and displays energized wires within walls, floors, and ceilings on the large color display. Embedded help guides on the screen ensure user-friendliness for beginners and experts alike. While the tip sensor provides audible tones for wire detection, the Smart Sensor eliminates guesswork by pinpointing the exact location and orientation of live wires.



Versatility for Diverse Applications

The Fluke 2062 is ideal for diagnosing electrical wiring and equipment in residential homes, commercial buildings, and even high-voltage utility plants. Its various modes and functionalities allow you to troubleshoot a wide range of electrical wiring and circuitry problems.


Four Receiver Tracing Modes:

  • Smart Sensor mode: Visually locates and identifies energized wires on the large color LCD.
  • Tip Sensor mode: Offers precise wire detection.
  • Breaker mode: Simplifies breaker and fuse identification based on the strongest signal from the transmitter.
  • Non-Contact Voltage Detection mode: Traces energized cables without the transmitter.


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Three Transmitter Power Modes:

The 2000T Transmitter operates on both energized and de-energized circuits (up to CAT IV 600 V) with three power modes (High, Low, and Loop) to adjust the induced signal strength. This ensures accurate results based on the specific circuit you’re tracing.


  • High mode: Ideal for typical energized and de-energized circuits.
  • Low mode: Enables precise tracing with a weaker signal to minimize interference with surrounding wires and metal objects.
  • Loop mode: Designed for closed-loop, de-energized circuits.



Complete Kit for Efficient Wire Tracing

The Fluke 2062 Advanced Pro Wire Tracer Kit comes with everything you need to start tracing wires and circuits right away. The accessory kit includes test leads, probes, blade and round outlet adapters, and alligator clips for connecting the transmitter to electrical systems. For the most accurate results, connect the transmitter directly to a bare conductor using the alligator clips and test leads.


If a direct connection isn’t possible, the included i400 AC Current Clamp can be used in Loop mode to generate a stronger 6 kHz signal through the insulation. The kit also includes a magnetic hanger strap, batteries, and a sturdy carrying case for convenient storage and portability.

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