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The high-end Fluke VT04 Visual Infrared Thermometer


The Fluke VT04 Visual Infrared Thermometer, a troubleshooting tool with an infrared heat map that delivers greater resolution as well as temperature alarms and time-lapse features, has been released by Fluke. A single tool that combines the visual insight of a thermal imager, the visual images of a digital camera, and the point-and-shoot convenience of an IR thermometer, Fluke Visual IR Thermometers bridge the gap between when a single-spot temperature reading is insufficient and a high-resolution thermal image is more than users need.



The Fluke VT04A can accurately align the heat map and digital image in two modes—NEAR and FAR—so that defects are located. The wide 28 × 28 field of view’s hot and cold points show the maximum and lowest temperatures, and a box on the screen shows the precise measurement point for the provided value. Time-lapse and auto-monitor modes can measure changes in heat patterns over a lengthy period of time without the user being present. Alarms can be programmed to rapidly alert the operator if temperatures exceed preset limits. The device has a tripod attachment on the bottom that is intended for just this use. When conducting inspections of electrical, industrial, HVAC/R, and automotive applications, the new Fluke VT04 is far faster than an infrared thermometer, which necessitates several readings and manually recorded data.


The included micro-SD card may store up to 9,999 photos (.bmp and.is2) and readings before being transferred to a computer. With Fluke SmartView software, which is available on Fluke’s website for free, files can be changed and reports can be generated. Four AA batteries power the Fluke VT04A, which has a slim, ergonomic design. The straightforward operation makes it suited for even inexperienced users, and everything is provided in a convenient soft travel case.


Key Features

  • IR thermometer measurement range: -10˚C to +250˚C
  • Suitable for electrics, HVAC, industrial machinery and automotive systems
  • Combines digital image of object with IR heat map and surface temperature reading
  • Adjustable blending of heat map with image
  • NEAR and FAR mode depending on distance to target object
  • 28˚ x 28˚ field of view
  • On-screen box shows measurement point
  • Hot and cold point indicators
  • Adjustable alarms for abnormal temperatures
  • Time-lapse and auto-monitor modes for continuous monitoring
  • Tripod connection
  • Data storage and transfer via removable micro-SD card
  • Analysis via Fluke SmartView software
  • 8-hour battery life on 4 AA batteries


The Fluke VT04 uses a combination of thermal and digital imaging to identify issues right away. Full visual, full infrared, or three blended modes (25, 50, and 75 percent) are all supported for image presentation and storage. Markers identify hot and cold locations, with a red box denoting the hottest temperature and a blue box denoting the coldest. At the center point, temperature readout is given.


The Fluke Visual Infrared Thermometers are reasonably priced, small, and user-friendly. They have a wide range of uses for internal personnel as well as new business potential for service contractors. Senior and junior technicians can now utilize them. To create expert reports that detail issues found or fixes done for management and customer approval, images can be imported into the SmartView analysis and reporting software, which comes with the VT04 and VT02.


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