Fluke 5080A High Compliance Multi-Product Calibrator

Key features

  • High compliance
  • Protection circuitry
  • Calibrates a wide workload, including analog meters and 3.5 and 4.5 digits DMMs

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Product overview: Fluke 5080A High Compliance Multi-Product Calibrator


Accurate, reliable analog meter calibration

The 5080A Multi-Product Calibrator calibrates your analog workload accurately and reliably, thanks to its high voltage and current compliance. With a maximum burden of up to 800 mA for ac/dc voltage and voltage up to 50 V for ac/dc current, 5080A calibrators can drive a wide range of analog meters.

Options and accessories expand workload coverage

Options and accessories enable you to use the 5080A Multi-Product Calibrator to calibrate an even broader workload, including:

  • Clamp meters. The 9100-200 10/50 turn coil and 5500A/COIL 50-turn current coil enable the 5080A to calibrate the most popular clamp meters at currents up to 1000 A RMS amps.
  • Oscilloscopes. Oscilloscope calibration to 200 MHz quickly, easily, and cost-effectively. Verify dynamic response, bandwidth, timing, multiple triggering functions, and input resistance.
  • Megohmmeters. This option sources high ohms, and high voltage resistors up to 18 G ohms. It also measures high voltage outputs.


Protective circuits prevent damage

Mains voltage inadvertently applied to a calibrator’s output terminals can cause extensive damage, requiring costly repairs. Electrical protection for calibrator outputs is vital for daily operation. The 5080A calibrator’s innovative protection circuitry prevents it from being damaged by reversed input voltage, so you can use it with confidence day after day.