P5514B Hydraulic Comparison Test Pump

Key features

  • Easily generate pressure

  • NEW! Vernier fine adjustment control on the right on manifold

  • Tool-free test connectors

  • Screw press for fine pressure adjustments

  • Robust design. Improved reservoir valve sealing

  • Improved test port connectors

  • NEW! Use it on the bench or in the field. New base housing to eliminate the need to bolt to a bench.

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Product overview: Fluke 5514B Pressure Calibrator

The P5514B Hydraulic Comparison Test Pump is a simple, robust and economical pressure comparator for calibrating gauges, switches and transducers with accurate, fine adjust capabilities. It generates pressure to 10 000 psi (70 MPa), with a new Vernier that enables cardinal point calibrations.

The P5514B can be mounted easily on a bench or used in mobile applications. Its robust design, with improved reservoir valve sealing, makes it a more stable pressure generator than previous versions of this model.

The test ports have been improved with a rotating collar design that make it a snap to connect devices under test (DUTs). Test port connections include adapters for common sizes of NPT and BSP. Connections are tool free, another improvement over the previous model.