Fluke 8558A 8.5 Digit Multimeter

Key features

  • Voltage sensitivity to hundreds of nV and current sensitivity to hundreds of pA allows you uncover ultra-low level transient signals

  • Up to 20 MHz bandwidth for voltage and 4 MHz for current retains high bandwidth content of the signal measured

  • 18-bit SAR analog-to-digital converter that achieves 5 mega-samples per second

  • 5 mega-samples per second sample rate, into buffer, for capturing complex, fast changing waveforms

  • 15 million readings memory allows large amount of data storage eliminating the immediate need to transfer data to a PC

  • Graphical waveform display enables real-time visualization of complex waveforms, increased productivity with faster access to results and answers

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Product overview: Fluke 8558A 8.5 Digit Multimeter

The 8558A 8.5 digit multimeter offers 5 mega-samples-per-second high resolution digitizing for system automation in labs and manufacturing test environments.  Fluke’s new high-speed system design and the industry’s fastest direct digitizing capability enable significant throughput increases for many automated system applications that require a combination of highest speed and best accuracy.  The superb accuracy is delivered over a wide measurement range, over nine functions, with an intuitive user interface on a color display.


The 8558A shares the same platform as the fully loaded 8588A Reference Multimeter. The platform features a common intuitive user interface with easy-to-navigate menu structure for all configuration and matching SCPI-compliant commands for automated environment. The 8588A platform guarantees a minimum of 100,000 readings per second at 4.5 digits across GPIB, USBTMC or Ethernet, and an onboard data memory that can hold up to 15 million readings.