Fluke 9210 Mini Triple Point of Water Maintenance Apparatus

Key features

  • Easy preprogrammed realization
  • Inexpensive fixed-point solution
  • Training takes a few hours

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Product overview: Fluke 9210 Mini Triple Point of Water Maintenance Apparatus

Inexpensive, easy-to-use fixed-point maintenance apparatus.

The triple point of water (0.01 °C) is one of the most important temperatures on the ITS-90. Unfortunately, realizing and maintaining the triple point of water cells hasn’t always been convenient or cost-effective.

Because ITS-90 calibrations require frequent measurements at the triple point of water, and because the triple point of water is often used as a statistical check against the drift of a temperature standard, it is important to be able to realize and maintain well-constructed triple point of water cells easily.

The Fluke Calibration 9210 TPW Maintenance Apparatus provides built-in programming for the simple supercool-and-shake realization and maintenance of our 5901B Mini TPW Cell. Simply insert the cell, enter the “freeze” mode through the front-panel buttons, have your morning cup of coffee, and when the 9210 audibly alerts you, remove the Mini TPW Cell and give it a shake to initiate freezing a portion of the water. Re-insert the cell, change the program mode to “maintain,” and you’ve got 0.01 °C for the rest of the day with an uncertainty of only ±0.0005 °C.

Precision-machined thermal blocks can also be used to take advantage of the excellent stability and uniformity of the 9210 for performing comparison calibrations. Multi-hole and custom blocks are available with 178 mm (7 in) depths.