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Fluke 117 – The Essentials


HVAC multimeters are essential tools for any professional who deals with a wide range of applications on a daily basis. There are numerous multimeters on the market today, but selecting the best one can be difficult. Quality is a serious problem because most people overpay for a product because they believe they are getting a good deal. Fluke is unquestionably one of the best manufacturers of electrical test equipment. Fluke products combine two ends of the spectrum to bring you products of exceptional value by combining cutting-edge technology and low cost.




You may have heard of fluke 117 multimeters, but few people understand their features and applications. Two of the Fluke 117’s best features are its versatility and ease of use. Voltage, capacitance, frequency, and a variety of other parameters are all measurable. You can also test the condition of a diode and determine the continuity involved. Fluke’s high-quality digital multimeter will meet your commercial or residential needs in and out of the field. Fluke simply makes great products, and the 117 is one of their most popular, thanks to its small size that allows it to fit into small spaces. We’ll go over every detail you need to know and will undoubtedly help you understand some aspects you didn’t know before you commit to buying.


The screen

The bright digital screen is the first thing you’ll notice. It is large and simple to read. Many units have a mediocre display with illegible symbols and numbers. While features are important, screen quality is also important. Fortunately, the Fluke Company paid close attention to both the display and the features. The end result is a complete multimeter with few flaws. In terms of backlighting, it is bright and white. The LEDs do not turn on automatically, but rather with the press of a button, which means that if you work in a well-lit environment, you will save battery power.


True RMS

True RMS is an important component for accurate readings and tests, especially when HVAC units are involved. If you want to properly handle HVAC units, you’ll need an instrument with a good range and resolution. Needless to say, the Fluke 117 has no problems with amperages or volts; it displays the values with 0.5 percent accuracy, which is impressive. While True RMS should be a standard in HVAC models, it is worth mentioning. The True RMS function is what makes this multimeter an excellent professional tool. It provides accurate and precise data even in adverse conditions. Many units that lack True RMS tend to provide false and inaccurate data on occasion.


Auto shut off

Many people believe that this feature is irrelevant or at the very least unimportant. However, it is critical, particularly for those who work with electricity on a daily basis. People frequently forget to turn off their instruments after using them because they are in a hurry. Leaving the unit turned on results in empty batteries, and empty batteries result in extra costs. As you can see, this function not only extends battery life but also saves money. The idea is simple: after 15 minutes of inactivity, the unit will shut down. However, if you run a continuity test for more than 15 minutes, the unit can detect activity and will not turn off.


The design

Fluke is a well-known company due to their design and production quality. The vast majority of their instruments are constructed to last for many years. While the Fluke 117 is not a small device, it does fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. Many people struggle with large multimeters because some of them require two hands to operate. Professionals who work with HVAC applications on a daily basis, on the other hand, are likely to require at least one of their hands-free devices. The rotary switch is also quite smooth, so you can set the mode by yourself.


Non-contact voltage detection

This feature’s concept is self-explanatory. To test for the presence of voltage without using test leads, simply hover over the object being tested and wait for the audible signal. If the unit begins to beep, you know there is some voltage present in the circuit. While it’s an excellent addition to this already versatile instrument, it’s also an important safety precaution.


The real kicker about Fluke is that the majority of their products are covered by a lifetime warranty. It’s more than enough proof of dependability and quality. Few companies are willing to guarantee perfect service indefinitely. Anyone looking for a high-quality multimeter should consider this model. While it is quite simple to use, it still has a plethora of features that are required for testing various HVAC devices. Professionals appreciate its adaptability and precision. If you have a reasonable budget, check out the Fluke 117; you won’t be disappointed.