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The Ultimate Fluke 117 Multimeter


Fluke tools designs great products and when you buy Fluke tools you are paying for the protection, industrial build quality and confidence in measurement. One of the most commonly touted products that they offer is the Fluke 117 multimeter. It is a high quality digital multimeter from Fluke which is sure to meet your commercial or residential needs in the field or out of it. You can measure voltage, capacitance, frequency and more. You can also test the condition of a diode and determine the continuity involved. It also allows non-linear loads to be measured accurately. What sets this device apart from the rest of its counterparts is its VoltAlert technology. The benefit of these features is that it detects voltage without any sort of contact, so you will be getting updates as long as the multimeter is on. Here are some features that you must need to know about Fluke 117.



  • TrueTRMS Digital Multimeters. Fluke 117 multimeter has the capability to perfectly analyze the fluctuating signals. Especially those signals, that might be difficult to record using a non-RMS multimeter.
  • High-resolution LCD. The thick digital display is pretty easy to read. Moreover, by turning on the backlights, one can bright then up this display to allow old technicians perform their job.
  • Auto/Manual Ranging Multimeter. It can perform the operation on auto and manual ranging mode. That makes them equally suitable for newbies and professional electricians. On lower bottom, there is a bar graph that shows signal in real time. Thus, it giving an analog feel to technicians who have worked with analog multimeters.
  • Handheld Style and design. It has an elegant look and with their compact size, one can easily hold them in one hand. So, one can get the job done single-handedly. The rotary switch is also pretty smooth which means you can set the mode single-handedly.
  • Safety Ratings. It is a CAT III (600V) safety rated multimeter units. That acts as a guarantee that they are safe and risk free to use. Thus they handle transient voltages by keeping you safe.
  • It operates on a 9V battery which is easy to find and replaceable. Moreover, you won’t find a need for their calibration. But doing it once a year would give you a peace of mind.
  • It got a IP42 rating which means it is dust proof and having safety approval from CSA and UL further enhances its credibility.
  • Fluke offers 3 years of warranty for Fluke 117 multimeter.


The top of the line Fluke 117 is simply one of the best multimeters available in the market. It is absolutely perfect for a wide variety of field technicians. The home hobbyist or handyman will also be able to get a significant amount of usage out of this device. The low cos, significant protection and outstanding accuracy of this multimeter make it a highly recommended meter for all your electrical needs. Anyone who has to work with electricity with electricity will be pleased to add Fluke 117 multimeter to their toolbox.