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Fluke Top Selling Electrician's Tools

Electricians will always have the essentials listed above with them, but they need more equipment to cover most jobs. If you’re a professional electrician you’re probably on the lookout for the latest and greatest tools that can provide great and fast results for all your electrical jobs. Most tools are easily available, but there are some top quality branded tools that can last for decades and other cheaper tools that need to be replaced over and over again. Quality always prevails over price and choosing the right tools wisely, even if you’re starting out or want to build an electrical kit for home use will save you much time and headache in the long run. In this article we’ll help you select the top tools from the top brand Fluke that every home user, beginner or even professional electrician needs in their tool-bag that is currently available in the market.

Fluke 87-V Digital Multimeter

This digital multimeter has improved measurement, functions, troubleshooting, features, resolution and accuracy to solve more problems on motor drives in plant automation, power distribution and electromechanical equipment. Here are the notable features of Fluke 87-V Digital Multimeter

  • Well known for its best-in-class Fluke multimeter
  • Unique function for accurate voltage and frequency measurements on adjustable speed motor drives and other electrically noisy equipment (Fluke 87V)
  • Drop test for 1 meter – has a reputation for being rugged and reliable.
  • Built-in thermometer conveniently allows you to take temperature readings without having to carry a separate instrument.
  • Optional magnetic hanger for easy set up and viewing while freeing your hands for other tasks.
  • Large digit display with bright, two-level backlight makes the 80 series V significantly easier to read.

Fluke 87-V Digital Multimeter


Fluke 902 FC HVAC Clamp Meter

Fluke 902 FC True-RMS HVAC Clamp Meter with Fluke Connect Wireless connectivity helps HVAC electricians work more efficiently and improve productivity in the field.

  • 600 A ac current measurement and 600 V ac and dc voltage measurement.
  • A rugged dual-rated CAT III 600 V, CAT IV 300 V meter.
  • Used to diagnose and repair HVAC systems.
  • It can measure the flame rod, sensor, flume gas temperature, start/run motor capacitors and variable frequency drives.
  • Report out findings with Fluke Connect – wirelessly send measurements to your phone with the free Fluke Connect app and create reports to send off right from the job site.

Fluke 902 FC HVAC Clamp Meter


Fluke T5-600 Electrical Testers

The T5-600 voltage, continuity and current tester is a versatile troubleshooting tool for up to 600 V environment. It is designed to provide the electricians and industrial technicians with quick and easy basic electrical measurements.  It is used to check voltage, continuity and current with one compact tool. Just select volts, ohms, or current and the tester does the rest. Its OpenJaw current measurement lets you check the current up to 100A without breaking the circuit.

  • The tester displays resistance to 1000.
  • Measures volts AC and volts DC with precise digital resolution.
  • The rugged unit that can withstand a 10-foot drop and will function in extreme environment. from -10 to 50 Degree Celsius and high altitudes.
  • Compact design with neat probe storage and it is also dust and water resistant.
  • Auto off mode to conserve battery life.
  • This device meets IEC 1010-1 CAT II 600V requirements and is CE certified.

Fluke T5-600 Electrical Testers


Fluke 279FC Thermal Multimeter with Wireless

It is a 3 tools in 1 – Thermal Imager, Clamp Meter and a fully functional Digital Multimeter. It is used for troubleshooting and maintenance for equipment, electrical systems and HVAC systems. It is also used to find issues, repair, validate and report with the use of Fluke Connect. The thermal imaging reveals many electrical issues quickly and safely, eliminating the need for time consuming testing and validation.

  • Has 15 measurement functions including; AC voltage with low pass filter, DC voltage, Resistance, Continuity, Capacitance, Diode test, Min/Max/Avg, AC current (with iFlex), Frequency.
  • Designed for durability, built to withstand a 3m (9.8ft) drop, double insulated with a raised rubber holster for increased protection.
  • Full featured multimeter with built –in thermal imager. It is designed to increase productivity – you don’t need to go back to the truck or office to retrieve a shared camera or wait for the thermographer to do more in less time.
  • Save measurements and images while communicating wirelessly with a smartphone phone up to 20 feet or 6.1 m away (no obstructions).
  • CAT III 1000 V, CAT IV 600 V measurement category.

Fluke 116 Digital HVAC Multimeter

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