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The Best Fluke Testing Tools in the Philippine Market

Electronics are now widespread. Electrical equipment and electromechanical systems make it possible to perform a wide range of functions with greater ease and efficiency. Naturally, this equipment and these systems must be maintained. As a result, specialized tools have been developed to help service technicians, plant engineers, and installation and maintenance technicians troubleshoot complex electrical systems and detect problems quickly. The use of digital multimeters, electrical power analyzers, thermal imagers, and insulation resistance testers, among other test tools, is increasing all the time. 

Fluke is our top brand of test and measurement equipment here in the Philippines. It is also well-known throughout the world for producing high-quality goods. Fluke is a global company with operations all over the world. For use in scientific, professional, educational, industrial, and governmental purposes, it designs, develops, produces, and sells commercial electronic test and measurement equipment. The use of digital multimeters, electrical power analyzers, thermal imagers, and insulation resistance testers, among other test tools, is increasing all the time.  Let’s take a look at the Fluke test tools that are available in the Philippine market.


Digital Multimeters

Safety, quality, and performance are three words that sum up the advantages of our digital multimeters. This range includes a model for every budget and application to help you do your job faster, more efficiently, and with greater accuracy. In every way, Fluke multimeters are an excellent investment. They last a long and have all of the necessary features to withstand any shock. The Fluke 117 True RMS and Fluke 115 Multimeter are two of the most popular among DIY electricians and professional service technician


Clamp Meter

Fluke Clamp meters are highly rated and reviewed AC and DC clamp meters. They are definitely a top-notch choice for you to opt and get great results. Their clamp meters are an exceptional choice to measure current and voltage along with great results. If you are looking for a multi-utility device that can help you work faster and make readings more effective, then Fluke clamp meters is what you are looking for. Choosing Fluke clamp meter tools makes a difference when it comes to completing projects or even house electrical works. Fluke 376 FC Wireless Clamp Meter with iFlex, Fluke 325 True RMS Clamp Meter, Fluke 323 True RMS Clamp Meter, and Fluke 324 True-RMS Clamp Meter with Temperature & Capacitance are the best in the game as they always make innovative, robust, and high quality products.


Thermal Cameras

Fluke thermal cameras are well-known for their precision and dependability, and they serve as the gold standard against which all other thermal cameras are measured. Although any Fluke thermal camera will provide you with accurate readings and excellent reliability, they do have different strengths, weaknesses, and feature sets that may make one more applicable in specific situations than another. Temperature changes can indicate problems in many everyday applications and a thermal imager makes it quick and easy to visually check surface temperatures. Problems can often be discovered before contact measurements even need to be made. Fluke Ti300 Thermal Camera, Fluke Ti401 Pro Thermal Camera, Fluke Tix501 Thermal camera, Fluke TiS20+ Thermal Imaging Camera and Fluke TiS60+ Thermal Imaging Camera are the recommended thermal cameras by professionals. 


Insulation Resistance Testers

Fluke insulation testers are ideal for many troubleshooting, commissioning, and preventative maintenance applications due to their multiple test voltages. Insulation testers use a high voltage, low current DC charge to measure resistance within wires and motor windings in order to detect current leakage and faulty or damaged insulation, which can result in arc faults, blown circuits, and the risk of electrical shock or fire. Megohmmeters are excellent for monitoring machine health and enhancing preventive maintenance efforts. Most professionals will probably recommend the Fluke 1503 and Fluke 1507 as the best insulation testers because they are compact, rugged, reliable, and simple to use.


Electrical Power Analyser

A Fluke power analyzer is a tool for measuring power quality. The rate at which electricity is transferred in an electric circuit is referred to as its power. Electric power is measured in SI units in watts – joules per second. There are numerous methods for producing electricity. Electric generators typically generate the electricity we use in our homes, which is then distributed to homes and businesses via the electric power grid. This is the responsibility of the electric power industry. Unwanted changes in power quality can cause equipment to fail or damage. As a result, it is critical to regularly monitor power quality. Fluke 438-II Power Quality Analyzer & Motor Analyzer can quickly provide all of the answers you require to effectively troubleshoot power quality issues.

Electronics are now being integrated into a growing number of electrical and electromechanical systems. A growing number of service technicians, plant engineers, and installation and maintenance technicians rely on Fluke’s comprehensive line of digital multimeters, electrical power analyzers, thermal imagers, insulation resistance testers, accessories, and integrated ScopeMeterTM handheld test tools. These tools enable them to quickly troubleshoot these complex new systems and detect problems.