Fluke 732C/734C DC Voltage Reference Standards

Key features

  • Independence. The 734C is the only standard of its type offering complete mechanical and electrical independence of each of its four standards.

  • Portability. Each 732C Standard is designed for portability. Each is small, light, rugged and has a long operating battery life.

  • Confidence. The 732C is based on the proven technology of the Fluke Calibration 732A and 732B. The 732A was the first standards lab quality electronic reference to gain wide acceptance as a replacement for saturated standard cells. Originally designed for internal transfers of Fluke’s corporate volt to the production floor, thousands are now in service worldwide in a variety of applications—from maintaining an institutional reference to transferring values from national labs or privately-operated 10 V Josephson Arrays.

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Product overview: Fluke 732C and 734C DC Voltage Reference Standards

The simple way to maintain and disseminate the volt

The Fluke Calibration 732C DC Voltage Reference Standard is a RoHS compliant direct voltage reference used to maintain the volt in primary and secondary standards laboratories. Individual 732C voltage standards provide 10 V, 1 V, and 0.1 V outputs and may be transported easily to remote locations while the dc reference is maintained in the laboratory. The 734C DC Voltage Reference Standard consists of four electrically and mechanically independent 732C DC Reference Standards and a rack-width enclosure. Two model families, Base and Select, differ in that the Select models are two times more stable than the Base models.


Because each 732C in the 734C DC Reference Standard is based on the same architecture pioneered in the popular 732A DC Voltage Standard—the first standards lab quality 10 V electronic reference—you can rely on it to provide the same high stability and predictable drift rate you’ve come to expect, in a smaller, more portable package identical to the 732B DC Voltage Standard. The 734C is also compatible with 732B DC standards and can support any combination of 732 B and C models. Similarly, 734A can be used with the newer 732C voltage standards, providing the ultimate flexibility and maximizing asset utilization.


To simplify support of your 734C, Fluke Calibration offers a variety of calibration services to assign values and predicted performance for each of the 10 V outputs, traceable to national standards and to the Fluke Calibration 10 V Josephson Array