Fluke 9500C High-Performance Oscilloscope Calibrator

Key features

  • Seamless Full Automation: Eliminates manual tasks, significantly boosting laboratory productivity.
  • Advanced Active Head Technology: Ensures direct and accurate signal delivery to the oscilloscope.
  • Simultaneous Multi-Channel Calibration: Reduces the time and complexity involved in calibrating each channel.
  • Minimal Measurement Uncertainties: Avoids the errors commonly associated with manual cable handling and switching matrices.
  • Versatility and Efficiency: Capable of calibrating modern, multi-channel oscilloscopes with minimal operator input.

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Product overview: Fluke 9500C Oscilloscope Calibrator

The Fluke 9500C: Revolutionizing Oscilloscope Calibration with Superior Performance and Automation

Oscilloscope calibration traditionally demands extensive time, expertise, and equipment, often involving intricate operator interactions and frequent lead switching, especially for multi-channel instruments. Many automated systems still require significant manual input, adding to the complexity. Additionally, rapid advancements in oscilloscope technology necessitate continuous investment to keep pace with evolving performance standards. The Fluke 9500C Oscilloscope Calibration Workstation fundamentally changes this dynamic.

Efficient, Effective, and Expandable Calibration with the 9500C

The Fluke 9500C stands out as the only commercially available multi-channel oscilloscope calibration system, delivering hands-free, fully automated, and accurate calibration accessible to a broad range of needs and budgets. Its forward-thinking design ensures compatibility with future upgrades, meeting emerging demands without requiring constant reinvestment.

Innovative 9540C Active Head Technology™ for Unparalleled Performance

The 9540C Active Head, a core component of the Fluke 9500C, exemplifies our dedication to advancing oscilloscope calibration. This technology enables the 9500C to deliver leveled sine waves up to 4 GHz and precisely controlled pulse edges, setting a new standard in calibration performance. Unlike conventional calibrators, the 9500C’s Active Head Technology™ allows for adjustable output amplitudes between 4.44 mV and 3.1V, ensuring comprehensive testing of oscilloscope amplifiers across all sensitivity ranges.

The Fluke 9500C Oscilloscope Calibrator: A Paradigm Shift in Calibration Automation

In many calibration laboratories, automating oscilloscope calibration represents a significant leap in productivity. Traditionally, this process demands extensive time from skilled operators performing repetitive tasks. While semi- or partial automation solutions offer some relief, they often introduce their own set of complications.

Adapting to the Evolution of Oscilloscope Technology

Over recent years, oscilloscopes have evolved from simple two-channel instruments to complex four-channel devices. Calibrating these advanced instruments typically involves moving the calibration signal across different channels, which traditionally requires manual cable adjustments. This method, especially with high-performance instruments, risks introducing measurement uncertainties due to cable and connector handling. Switching matrices, an alternative for signal routing, can lead to issues such as signal reflections and path differences, affecting calibration accuracy.

Innovative Active Heads and Full Automation with the 9500C

The Fluke 9500C effectively addresses these challenges, offering true, full automation through its innovative Active Heads. In the 9500C system, all necessary signals for comprehensive oscilloscope calibration are generated by detachable heads, which are remotely connected to the calibrator mainframe. These heads directly interface with the oscilloscope inputs, eliminating the need for additional cabling. Control and waveform switching are seamlessly managed by the mainframe, with the process occurring within the head itself – positioned just millimeters away from the oscilloscope input and amplifiers. Each 9500C mainframe can control up to five heads, enabling the calibration of a 4-channel oscilloscope with an external trigger. This design ensures that all required signals are supplied, controlled, and switched without any need for operator intervention or external switching mechanisms.